Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Re-education for Corbyn's Red Guards

The movement that was created to support Jeremy Corbyn has often been referred to as "Maomentum" and it seems for good reason to. The Guardian reports:

Jeremy Corbyn has promised a raft of new “organising academies” to train Labour activists for the next election, as his leadership rival Owen Smith accused him of being “delusional” about the party’s chances of beating the Conservatives in 2020.

The Labour leader set out plans on Tuesday for a new training camp for Labourmembers in every region of the UK in order to help turn many of the hundreds of thousands of new joiners into active community organisers.

Corbyn said the plan would put the party’s 500,000 members at the front of Labour’s strategy to win the next general election, claiming it “represents the single biggest commitment by any political party in British history to aid in the learning and training of its members”.

The thought of all these people, many of whom are politically naive or already bigoted to the extreme is a frightening prospect. The average Corbynista has a blinkered outlook and considers anyone not with him as a "Red Tory" or worse. In the seventies the language would have been different but the meaning the same when the Maoists would refer to opponents on the left as "capitalist running dogs" or "revisionists". The words may have changed but the meaning and intent remains the same.

A new "Red Guard" run by Maomentum".

The mission statement of Mao's Red Guards reads:

Chairman Mao has defined our future as an armed revolutionary youth organisation...So if Chairman Mao is our Red-Commander-in-Chief and we are his Red soldiers, who can stop us? First we will make China red from inside out and then we will help the working people of other countries make the world red...And then the whole universe.

Change Mao to Corbyn and China to Britain.....

The Corbynistas are unbearable on social media. Imagine them outside polling stations.

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