Saturday, 3 September 2016

What is the point of the Stop the War Coalition?

Stop the War Coalition

It's been a while since we've heard from the most thoroughly misnamed political organisation in the country, the "Stop the War Coalition" (StWC).  Readers may recall they were running into a wee bit of trouble over dodgy articles on their website plus their obvious hypocrisy and frankly unsavoury connections...Cage and the nice man "Jihadi John" anyone.

John Rees should be ashamed of himself. But he is too thick skinned as is his partner in political crime one Lyndsey German. There were early warning signs when German made her infamous speech about "shibboleths" when she joined up with Galloway to form the now thankfully deceased "Respect"

The comrades have been on the streets shouting about NATO aggression despite the obvious fact it's Putin's Russia invading the Ukraine and taking over Crimea. Attacking Western intervention in Syria whilst ignoring and even supporting the Assad despite the obvious crimes he committed against his own people. Supporting the Hamas terrorists in launching a war against Israel and then complaining when Israel defended itself. And don't mention's "Islamophobic" to attack genocidal Islamists, unless they're the Wests allies such as Saudi Arabia.

And don't forget their President was a certain senile old back bench MP by the name of Jeremy "£20,000 from the Iranian dictatorship is not a lot of money" Corbyn. Another friend and fan of Hamas, Putin who despite his opposition to anti-Semitism has created a movement in which anti-Jewish racism not always under the guise of anti-Zionism, has come very much to the fore.

Most of this should all be very obvious except to the blinkered hordes of anti-imperialists, Corbynistas and assorted Trots and Stalinists that inhabit the fringes of political reality.

The StWC are holding a fund raising bash in October to try and fill their declining coffers. A Tweet advertising their event was responded to with the comment " would this be stopping Putin's war on the Ukrainian people? Count me in!" Of course it isn't as the respondent knows full well in his jest.

Exactly what the point of maintaining the StWC is will be lost on most people. It's just a mechanism by which German & Rees try to maintain their presence politically as Counterfire the breakaway from the SWP that they run is too small to be noticed even within the quagmire that is the far-left.

The Z-list celebrities appearing at the gig would be better off donating their services to a more worthy cause. Stop the war is not what it says on the label and never has been. It doesn't seek to stop wars simply take sides against anyone no matter how oppressive as long as they are not part of the democratic West.

Time to close the dwindling "coalition" down.

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