Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A question of competence

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It should come as no surprise to see a poll in The Independent today that:

Theresa May has opened up a 37 point gap over Jeremy Corbyn as more than half of British voters think she would make a better Prime Minister than her Labour rival, according to a new poll.

Analysis of the impact of Brexit by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft found that 55 per cent of the poll of more than 10,000 UK adult respondents believe the current Prime Minister is the best choice for the role compared to 18 per cent who favour Mr Corbyn;,

In a further blow to the Labour leader, only 38 per cent of his party’s supporters would prefer him in Downing St, compared to 29 per cent who believe Ms May is more suited to the job. 33 per cent said they do not know.

This comes just before next month's council elections but more importantly at a time of growing international tension. 

The thought that this country and it's allies security would lay in the hands of not just an indecisive and incompetent man, but one whose sympathies are not naturally with the democratic West along with his pro Putin sidekick Seumas Milne and the pro-Assad Stop the War Coalition is truly frightening.

If there's one thing the so-called left in this country forget is that is that Labour's natural working class base tends to be very patriotic. Certainly not prepared to side with this country's enemies. 

The "left" lost it's way a long, long time ago with it's talk of support for the "degenerated workers states" (Russia/China), Third World dictatorships (which continues to this day) but also the adaptation to a pro-Islamic agenda. 

And lets not forget Corbyns support for the IRA who's violence he has NEVER condemned. Not a man of peace but an appeaser of dictators who would leave not just our country defenceless but would betray our allies in the face of aggression.

Corbyn's foreign policy would be the raising of a white flag.

Incompetent is not the only word that describes this odious creature and and his minions.

When Corbyn promised a "new politics" no one expected this to mean permanent Tory government.

Or appeasement.

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