Friday, 14 April 2017

Stop the War Charlatans


It should come as no surprise that the mis-named Stop the war Coalition has come up with the most mealy mouthed and historically innacurate of statements following President Trumps destruction of an ISIS base in Afghanistan:

The news that the US has dropped its largest non nuclear bomb on caves in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border should terrify everyone.

Actually it doesn't and action to eradicate this bunch of Islamo-Nazi's should be welcomed.

Meanwhile I looked for their condemnation of Assad's chemical attack. Here is their statement on that:


ISIS, The Taliban and all those like them are a threat not just to the West but ordinary Muslims as well. However the far-left in groups like the StWC actually don't care about ordinary people their Marxism has morphed into far-right capitulation of dictatorships and Islamism as seen in their support for Putin and Hamas.

In Russia there are now not just laws against gays but concentration camps. Not seen since Castro's Cuba, another regime these people are apologists for. Hamas spend their international aid on war not improving the lives of Palestinians.

Stop the War say not a word. Take not an action. John Rees, Lyndsey German and their dwindling band of acolytes offer succour  to the oppressor not the oppressed.

Time for the Labour and Trade Union movement to stop funding these charlatans. Now!

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