Monday, 3 April 2017

Armada to Armageddon

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The thought that Britain and Spain could go to war over Gibraltar would have been thought sheer fantasy until Lord Howard opened his mouth. All of a sudden social media is full of absurd speculation and caustic comments. Even the Daily Telegraph had an article examining the military balance.

Lord Nosferatu really had put his foot in it the proverbial. No wonder Ann Widdecombe once remarked that he had "something of the night in him". Bizarre.

Of course there has been friction between the two countries like forever but other than a bit of blustering by the Spanish government when it needed a distraction from internal problems. A falg posted here, a fishing boat or naval vessel there. Just "cat and mouse"".

Even with Brexit the Spanish know they won't get their way and there is a little bit of a problem for them if Morocco starts kicking up a fuss about a couple of Spanish enclaves remaining in their country. I refer of course to the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Actually its a wee bit more than that as this map shows.


Meanwhile some macho chest beating may continue for a while but unless the people of Gibraltar change their minds the rock should and will remain solidly British.

On the other side side of the world a much more dangerous confrontation is heading for an ugly turn. President Trump wants China to "deal" with North Korea or "stand aside" while the USA does. Unlike the argument over a bit of real estate in the Mediterranean this one could go so horribly wrong.

The self professed Dear leader of the Peoples Republic is in charge of a country that is nothing more than a giant prison camp with nuclear armed guards. How exactly will Trump will "deal" with a man who will stop at nothing to retain his power including executing members of his own family with anti-aircraft guns which seems a bit of an overkill even for a maniac.

Not sure anyone wants to find out. least of all his immediate neighbours South Korea and Japan. Thing is theoretically a state of war still exists in the Korean peninsula . There was only an armistice.

If there's one country that will need to change it's own regime it will probably have to be North Korea. Even then Kim Jong-un could still press the button if he had nothing to lose.

The world really is a mad place and Trump isn't helping.

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