Wednesday, 5 April 2017

On Momentum to Fascism

Ken Livingstone.jpg
Photo: By World Economic Forum

The decision  by the Labour Party to suspend Ken Livingstone for a year rather than expel him has caused outrage across social media. Some Labour party members (and at least one Councillor) have resigned in protest and many others are seriously reconsidering their position. Others still hang on in hope that Labour can be reclaimed by the mainstream and the far left fascists defeated.

Livingstones supporters are equally outraged and have launched a petition for his reinstatement but their ill-tempered and frankly unacceptable opprobrium is summed up by this comment from Momentum Eastern:

It is disgraceful that Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party for a year. The whole operation was conceived and manufactured by the Israeli state who actively finance and lobby inside the Labour Party.

This is an outcome manufactured in Tel Aviv, to stifle criticism of an Israeli state lurching headlong towards a new Apartheid.

The language of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy theorists usually peddled by Nazi's Tsarists and other assorted anti-Semites is now considered normal thinking on the so-called "far-left". Irrational, hateful and frankly racist, the Jewish state is singled by these types as part of their own adaptation to an anti-imperialist agenda that sees that country's destruction as essential to the collapse of worldwide capitalism.

No lie is too big, no propaganda left unturned, they associate the state founded by the survivors of the Holocaust with the criminal perpetrators. For fear of sounding like the deranged Livingstone himself Hitler would be proud.

The far-left have taken over the far-right's hate-on for the Jews. 

And Labour has fudged the issue.

Anti-Semitism and it's bastard child anti-Zionism have no place in the Labour and Trade Union movement. Their adherents and followers must be exposed for what they are. 

The new blackshirts. The new fascists.

Never Again must be the clarion call from all men and women of reason.


  1. The language you quote is, indeed, seriously anti-Semitic conspiracy theory stuff and it is, indeed, worryingly prevalent on the left. But I followed the link to Momentum Eastern's Facebook page and could find no trace of this comment. Has it been removed?

    1. Since I copied and pasted the quote I can only surmise the author has removed it.

  2. I understand it was removed by Jon Lansman, who has come to realise that anti-Semitism is indeed a problem on the left, and specifically within Momentum. The author (a member of Socialist Appeal)is now protesting against Lansman's " censorship".

    1. A member of the Grantite Socialist Appeal? Now that was unexpected.