Thursday, 27 April 2017

Musical Interlude: Reunions

Every so often old music acts decide to reform and either perform a few concerts or release a record or two. Some are more welcomed than others. Bros had to cancel some of their shows due to lack of interest and S-Club just, well disappeared.

News that Bananarama are coming back led to jokes about their miming on the radio today. Used to quite like them though only saw them perform once during a Fun Boy Three gig in Hammersmith  many years ago.

However Steps have seemingly returned with a vengeance. No idea about where this will get in the "charts" (do they still have these?) as there is no Top of the Pops any more but its quite nice to hear a good old pop tune for a change instead of this pretentious shite they call music these days.

Yeah I know. I sound like my dad did in the seventies. I am now an old git. Victor Meldrew has nothing on me! 👿

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