Friday, 7 April 2017

The real enemies of humanity

Chemical warfare

News broke this morning that the United States had launched a strike on the Syrian airbase responsible for the chemical attack on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. Ordered by President Trump this was considering fears over his foreign policy a very considered response.

Of course the Russians got uppity about one of their client regimes getting punished and claims that there is "no evidence" for blaming the Syrian government just fell on deaf ears around the world. Hopefully Assad will think again before he uses these weapons again. The USA have certainly warned the Baathists regime that they are prepared to take further action.

Whilst some seemed concerned when the news broke some were concerned about possible conflict arising between Russia and the USA in the Middle east with the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations laughably attacking "US colonialism"/

Russia will huff and puff for a while but Trump has killed two birds with one stone so to speak. He has shown that he is not a pawn of Putin and is prepared to act against murderers in the Middle East.

Meanwhile in the UK the totally misnamed band of miscreants in the Stop the War Coalition are engaging in an emergency protest against the bombing.

I have just one question for these jerks. Why were you not protesting outside the Syrian Embassy when the chemical weapons were used?

The anti-imperialists of the left have shown their true colours. They not the Western democracies are the true enemies of humanity.  

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