Sunday, 9 April 2017

Taking offence or taking the....

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I turned of Sky News yesterday afternoon after one of the participants started banging on about "microaggression" and"context" in relation to some unfortunate remark made by a football manager. Besides the fact that probably everyone has made an unfortunate or mistargeted remark at least once in their lives the "context" was a bit of banter that is quite common.

If any analysis was out of context it was this snowflake who even tried claiming that there are not that many female journalists. Besides the fact she was sitting in a group composed of three women and a man the irony was probably lost on her. There's lots of women in the news media.

Then this morning I woke up to the news that there had been a failed terrorist attack in Norway of all places and a viscous bombing of Coptic Christians in Egypt. And a model in Bangladesh is murdered for not wearing "Islamic dress"

That sort of puts my feelings in "context".

That causes me "offence", if that's even the right term. I'm angry that these deranged followers of a fake warlord from medieval times are inflicting their backward thinking on the rest of the world with their savagery.

None of today's victims had anything in common. They just were either different or in the case of the model chose to be different.

Forget "safe spaces", they do not exist anywhere except in the minds of those who read intersectionalist literature with one hand.

Time for these people to grow up.......if their universities let them.

Some of us don't think like you. Learn to live with it!

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