Monday, 10 April 2017

The world is truly devolving

Photo: By Manfred Brueckels

With rising terrorism, the threat of continued conflict in the Middle East and the super-powers flexing their muscles at each other it's hard to imagine that this is a more modern civilised age. Despite all our advances in science, technology and learning the world has failed to become more tolerant, more peaceful. Quite the opposite.

Even in the supposedly refined Western nations democracy has been marred by the rise of old nationalisms and prejudices including the spectre of anti-Semitism awash throughout the left as well as the right.

Across the world Hate Preachers peddle their venom to the ignorant and easily led leading to the murder of those they define as infidels and unbelievers. Women, Jews,even other Muslims have much to fear from the rise of the Islamic death cult.

Then comes the news that once agian concentration camps have been opened for Gay men in Chechnya, part of the Russian Federation that Putin has taken in alliance with the Orthodox Church to not just revive Russian Nationalism but to seek out opponents, dissidents and deviants.

Pink News reports:

Russian newspapers and human rights groups report that more than 100 gay men have been detained “in connection with their non-traditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such” as part of a purge. Several people were also reportedly feared dead following violent raids.

In a chilling response, a Chechen government spokesperson denied that there are any gay people to detain, insisting that “you can’t detain and harass someone who doesn’t exist in the republic”. The Kremlin denied any knowledge of a purge.

But reports have since emerged that the men arrested are being kept in horrific concentration camp prisons, where violent abuse and torture is common.

The foundations of intolerance have been well and truly laid.

The world is truly evolving backwards to a new dark age. Men and women of reason must stand up and be counted. Whether the enemy is a religious or political fanatic from the so-called left or right these new fascists for want of a better word need to be not just opposed but stopped.

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