Sunday, 31 August 2014

Defending Jews and Christians from persecution!

Campaign Against Semitism

Around two thousand people took part in the rally against anti-Semitism held outside the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London this afternoon. This was certainly the most peaceful and well behaved demonstration I have ever attended, only requiring a minor police presence. These were  ordinary people, mostly but not exclusively Jewish who don't normally take to the streets.

The absence of the various left-wing sects was noticeable. Only a lone oddly dressed man with a hand made placard demanding rights for the disabled/join the SWP made an appearance and I'm not actually convinced he knew where he was. But hey, it's a free country.

Speeches from the Chief Rabbi and others demanded action against the rise of anti-Semitism at home and abroad. "They shall not pass" was a call from one speaker.

The need for the Jewish community to campaign with others against this blatant rise in racism against Jews has never been greater,

At the same time we do not need help from idiots like the man who attacked George Galloway (who was not Jewish by the way, but the bigots won't care).

We need to be better than them. Period.

Meanwhile in Brighton:

Persecuted Christians around the World

It's not Jews, Christians are being persecuted and murdered around the world. And not just Iraq by ISIS. In Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Iran and elsewhere Christians are under threat.

A small but vibrant demonstration took place in Brighton this afternoon supported by Sussex Friends of Israel from whose page this photo and leaflet were taken.

The usual suspects also seem to be missing...

Where are the left when it comes to Christians and Jews?

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