Thursday, 14 August 2014

The shame of the anti-war movement

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This spoof Stop the War coalition poster sums up the reactionary attitude of the so-called anti-imperialist left. (H/T James Bloodworth)

The growing US, British and French intervention to help save the Yazadis and Christians in Iraq is beginning to save lives and halt (for now) the advance of the self appointed Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq.

More help is urgently needed, especially as the reports of massacres, enslavement of women (and children) along with the Islamists well known savage brutality continue to emerge.

Thousands of people remain at immediate risk, with countless others suffering away from the medias attention.

CNN reports:

.....a senior commander with the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, claimed ISIS fighters abducted more than 100 Yazidi women and children from Sinjar.

The ISIS commander, who has knowledge of the events that unfolded, said the fighters killed a large number of men when they took over the town more than a week ago.

"At that time, they took Yazidi women and children, and I can confirm those women and children have entered Mosul," the commander said by telephone. "...The Islamic State is taking this opportunity to call them to Islam."

Meanwhile the appeasers of clerical fascism, the Stop the War Campaign begin their analysis with this unbelievable statement:

A false story of a massive Yazidi crisis and a largely mythical siege is now being used to justify a new war in Iraq.


What part of thousands of Yazadis fleeing from baying barbarians and being threatened with mass extermination as "satanists" do the StWC campaign not understand?

The comrades continue:

It turns out there were Yazidis already living on the top of the mountain, and while there were some refugees who fled up there, the humanitarian crisis was never what it was made out to be..

Who wrote this errant nonsense? The ISIS Press Bureau? No someone called Jason Ditz who like Commissar Lyndsey German, the Trotskyist leader of the StWC has pursued a anti-Western, pro Russian appeasement campaign over Ukraine.

Remember they blamed non-existent "Western" intervention for the Ukraine crisis, when it was Russian jackboots invading the country. No one else in sight!

Goebbels would be proud of the StWC who organise pro-Hamas marches and have wilfully ignored the massive loss of life in Syria. 

The anti war movement cannot be trusted.

There is a very real and massive humanitarian crisis in Iraq organised by the worst humanity has to offer. And in the case of the ISIS savages I use the term "humanity" very loosely indeed.

The need to save the Yazadis, Christians, other Muslims and minorities needs to be addressed now.

The West MUST intervene. The Kurds MUST be armed. ISIS MUST be stopped.

The anti-imperialists are from the Neville Chamberlain tradition of appeasement.

Supporters of ISIS are already here as leaflets handed out by Islamist students and by fanatics in Oxford street show.

The fight back against this death cult needs to take place on all levels at home and abroad.

Don't listen to the appeasers.

Democracy and freedom are worth fighting for. 

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