Friday, 29 August 2014

NATO is not the enemy comrades

Supporters of the anti-imperialist brigade will be getting an early night tonight as they prepare to take their wares to Wales for a demonstration against…NATO. According to the propaganda put out by the acolytes of Putinism in the UK, NATO is responsible for all the conflicts in the world. Russia is a peace loving non-aggressive country, China does not covet a number of disputed Islands from her neighbours and the desire to help the Christians and Kurds from being murdered by ISIS is part of a “war on Islam”.

Of course not comrades. Life would be so much better if the West just sat back, disarmed, put up a few white flags and a border recording in Russian, Chinese and Arabic saying “we surrender”.

The countries woes, if not the worlds, would be resolved by whoever decided to overthrow or invade the few true democracies left in the world.

Of course such a scenario would never happen, but the blindness of the anti-imperialist brigade towards the true aggressors in this world beggars belief.

When the Kurdish community held a demonstration a couple of weeks back, Stop the War and their Marxist allies were nowhere to be seen. Oh, there was a lone individual selling The Socialist, but the rest were probably “too exhausted” from organising pro-Hamas marches to bother about the “far away Kurds as one anarchist claimed on the PCS union Face Book page . Imperialism doesn’t have the answer they tell us, whilst leaving all those civilians they claim to care about to die in the desert or mountains whilst trying to escape real, rather than imagined genocide.

As for arming the Kurds so they could defend themselves, the anti-imperialists won’t have that either. Its “Western War mongering” apparently.


The Times reports today that NATO estimates there are 1,000 Russian soldiers fighting with the separatists in the Ukraine. Would Stop the War like to know how many NATO troops are involved in the fighting. Would that be Zero comrades? Or is that fact uncomfortable for you.

Some American pro-Russian appeaser went to a meeting to listen to the Russian Ambassador and decided to intervene:

No one had uttered the word "NATO."

So I pointed out the upcoming NATO protests. I recalled the history of Russia being told that NATO would not expand eastward. I asked Kislyak whether NATO ought to be disbanded.

The ambassador said that he had been the first Russian to "present his credentials" to NATO, and that he had "overestimated" NATO's ability to work with Russia. He'd been disappointed by NATO actions in Serbia, he said, and Libya, by the expansion eastward, by NATO pressure on Ukraine and Poland, and by the pretense that Russia might be about to attack Poland.

"We were promised," Kislyak said, that NATO would not expand eastward at all upon the reunification of Germany. "And now look." NATO has declared that Ukraine and Georgia will join NATO, Kislyak pointed out, and NATO says this even while a majority of the people in Ukraine say they're opposed.

The ambassador used the word "disappointed" a few times.

The other way this could be seen of course is that Russia is expanding eastwards, trying to rebuild its’ own imperialist agenda and of course his excellency would be “disappointed” that those who escaped the Stalinist yolk might not want to return…like ever.

Trouble is the anti-imperialist brigade have this farcical assumption that “the enemy is at home” derived from the fanatical Leninist desire to protect the (long gone) Soviet Union. The BBC shows the protesters banner across the security fence which blathers on about George Bush (not sure which one), the “crusades” and the “war on Islam” (damn those unbelievers) showing how out of date and out of touch with reality they are.

Does it not occur to these “useless idiots” (to paraphrase Lenin) that Russia is expansionist, China is flexing its muscles and ISIS is imperialist in it’s desire to conquer the Muslim world plus Spain and Portugal to establish the death camp known as the Caliphate.

NATO is not the enemy. Our countries may not be perfect, but I’d like to see how long the comrades would last under Putin, Li Keqiang or ISIS. In the latter probably just marched into the desert like those poor soldiers we saw yesterday..

Western democracy is worth fighting for, not against comrades. Only in our societies are people like you allowed to speak, assemble and write freely. Something your aims would ultimately deny the rest of us.

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