Monday, 18 August 2014

Kosher food targeted by anti-Semites

When 9/11 happened we explained that not all Muslims were responsible.

When 11/7 took place we said ordinary Muslims should not be blamed.

The anti-imperialists began campaigning against "Islamophobia".

The left began an alliance with aspects of Islam and we saw the largest left wing group the Socialist Worker Party team up with the opportunist popinjay George Galloway to form a "Respect" Party.

The anti-imperialists "tail-gated" various Islamic groups.

The SWP in particular became notorious (along with various other faux-protesters for shouting "We are Hezbollah" on demonstrations.

This despite the open misogyny, homophobic and anti-Semitic nature of Hezbollah.

They do the same for Hamas.

Islam became a religion that could not be criticised in any way without the anti-imperialists denouncing even atheists as Islamophobes.

Then the Middle east erupts into conflict.

Its the Zionists they say.

But its Jews that get targeted, not just abroad but here. In Tescos. In Sainsburys.

Kosher food is destroyed by the anti-imperialists regardless of origin.

Shoppers and staff are intimidated by the anti "war" movement

Sainsburys hides its wares in Holborn.

Can you imagine their outrage if such actions were perpetrated against Halal food? 

There would have been widespread protests.

Not for Kosher though.

There is silence.

Fight back against anti-Semitism. You will be next.

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