Wednesday, 27 August 2014

One law for all is not negotiable

A crime is a crime.

A victim is a victim.

A criminal is a criminal regardless of what sex, race, colour, religion or sexual orientation they are.

Child sex abuse is a vile crime that needs to be tackled where ever and when ever it appears no matter who the perpetrators are.

The victims must be rescued, the abusers punished.

Celebrity and religion cannot ever be used as an excuse or cover for such acts.

The men responsible for the reported abuse of some 1,400 children should have been brought to justice a long time ago. Those that knew and refused to act because of some perceived fear of being called "racists" or disturbing the fragile egos of so-called "communities" should be ashamed.

Covering for abuse is unacceptable whether it happens in the BBC or Rotherham.

For to long such crimes have continued unabated due to political correctness and probaly still continue somewhere and there are those that know.

The majority of paedophiles are not Muslims, but those that are need to be dealt with in the same way as any other abuser.

There can only be one law in this country.

One law that applies to all.

These criminals must be exposed. Only protecting the innocent should be our concern.

The guilty can rot.

Rot in whatever hell they supposedly believe in. After they have been stopped and punished on this earthly plane!

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