Monday, 11 August 2014

ISIS must be stopped. Islamism must be opposed.

There was some good news from Iraq for a change this morning as the Guardian reported:

At least 20,000 Iraqi civilians who were besieged by jihadists on a mountain have managed to flee after US air raids on Islamic State (Isis) forces, officials have said.

Shawkat Barbahari, an official from the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, said 30,000 people had escaped to Syria and then been escorted back into Iraqi Kurdistan by Kurdish forces. A spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in Iraq said officials had been reporting to the UN that 15,000 to 20,000 people had escaped the siege. Fears had been growing for the civilians, mostlyKurds of the Yazidi faith, trapped on Mount Sinjar in north-west Iraq in the searing summer heat with little to eat or drink.

The breakthrough coincided with US air raids on Isis fighters in the Sinjar area on Saturday. Barack Obama, who sanctioned the air strikes on Friday, has said the US is in it for the long-haul, warning "this is going to take some time".

A good job the shrill calls of the anti-imperialist brigade in countries like Britain were ignored. The Stop the War Coalition doesn't want any intervention. They, like most of the left and the pro-Hamas crowd have either remained silent or (as we saw in the post below this one) become hostile to the Kurds.

But then the StWC has done nothing about the war in Syria, except condemn the one thing that could have helped the situation which was to arm the now almost sidelined democratic opposition. In fact looking at the StWC page you'd think there was just one war in the entire world. In Gaza, where the comrades and the Islamist allies have been backing the aggressors, Hamas.

Islamism is a threat, of that there should be no doubt. 

Organisations with an Islamist agenda like ISIS, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood or their likes need to be opposed wherever they appearing the world.

Then there's the threat from within. The Daily Mail publishes the now infamous photo that appeared on Twitter:


The young son of an Australian jihadist has been photographed gripping the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier.

Khaled Sharrouf’s son, believed to be aged seven, used both hands to hoist the decapitated head up as he posed for a chilling photo.

His proud father, one of Australia’s most-wanted terrorists and a suspected war criminal, posted the photo to Twitter on August 8 with the caption: ‘Thats my boy!’.

Disgusting, and proof that these people are death cults.

And we need to be vigilant of the dangers within as these Islamist cults are active and bullying their way around within our own society.

The Times (no link£) reports that these extremists have been attacking festivals playing music at the end of Ramadan in East London and ISIS flags have been placed at the entrance to a council estate.

These men are dangerous.

Their next step will be actual violence if you do not obey their edicts.

They must be stopped. Islamism must be stopped.

The world needs to intervene against ISIS.

And that means cracking down on their recruiters in western countries now.

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