Sunday, 3 August 2014

The selective protests of the far left

A small number of demonstrators held a vigil outside Parliament yesterday trying to highlight the very real plight of Christians in Iraq. There had been a somewhat larger one the week before but this was supposed to be part of a world-wide campaign which included demonstrations in both New York and Sydney.

Last week of course there was the Gaza protest organised by the usual suspects. They can't be in two places at once can they?

Except there was no sign of the left as the photo above (taken from a short video) shows.

Where were the comrades?

The Christians are facing genocide in Iraq and are persecuted in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and most of the Muslim world.

However the the comrades silence is deafening.

This weeks Socialist Worker rag contains no less than 7 articles on Gaza plus one about what they call the "Trojan Horse Fraud". The paper of the old Militant Tendency, The Socialist also covers Gaza. The new organisation Left Unity says nothing. The Socialist Unity website remains silent.

It doesn't seem to be on their priority list.

Only a small part of the left which mainly boils down to one group, AWL plus the Shiraz Socialist and Tendance Coatsey blogs care to tackle this and related issues.

But why am I surprised?

Hundreds of thousands of people, children included have been massacred in Syria. Where were the protests by the so-called left?

Oh, they carried minuscule articles but march to the Syrian embassy? Of course not.

The worst culprit has to be the misleadingly named Stop the War Coalition which not only supports Assad but also took sides with Putin as Russian Troops marched into the Ukraine.

No demo over the Ukraine either. Or did I blink and miss it?

The left has always had a problem with things like democracy and human rights when it comes to anti-imperialism. Whilst Tariq Ali and his comrades marched to the American Embassy during the Vietnam war, Ho Chi Min had already wiped out Ali's  fellow Trotskyist co-thinkers.

Since the Rushdie affair the far left has been accommodating itself to Islam and finding reasons to ally themselves with some of the most brutal and reactionary elements in the Middle east and beyond.

The SWP would not even condemn 9/11.

As for anti-Semitism that's an inconvenience to their anti-imperialist agenda, which should be seen as an anti-Western agenda.

Attacks on Christians? Another inconvenience it would seem.

As the far left and their rabid allies prepare for yet anther pro-Hamas demonstration on Gaza perhaps we should remind them.

The Islamists and their allies would see them go the same way as the Vietnamese Trotskyists if they get the opportunity.

The comrades agenda is dangerously flawed.

Take a stand against the genocide of Christians and rising anti-Semitism comrades, when we're gone you'll be next.

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  1. Ah, but the point (as a Trot explained it) is to changes the British Government's policy. There is no coherent policy on Syria etc., but the UK is still an ally, supposedly, of Israel. Glad we cleared that up, then.