Friday, 8 August 2014

What is the matter with these people?

Thousands of Christians and in particular members of Iraq's Yazidi community are literally facing extermination at the hands of ISIS, the latest death cult to emerge out of Islamism. The West in the form of the US Gulf fleet have finally intervened to save a group of some 40,000 men, women and children from immediate danger. Some aid is also being flown in.

That should be welcome news to everyone.

It isn't. Take Mehdi Hasan who tweeted this:

Distract? Saving lives is a distraction? And who exactly is this "us".

Hasan doesn't like the fact that "pro-Israeli" types (what ever that means, you'd probably have to ask George Galloway, see post below) are raising this issue.

Erm some of us have been raising this issue from well before the current Gaza crisis and in any case why aren't your pious co-religionists at the forefront of raising this issue?

Just asking.

Meanwhile if you think that's bad just listen to this pillock from the now totally discredited Stop the war Campaign. Sami Ramadami writes (in all seriousness) that:

It is clear to me that ISIS is serving Israeli and US economic, political and military objectives in the region. The US is also using ISIS terrorism as a stick to impose conditions on Baghdad, i.e. to cut links with Iran and Syria

Lets think about that statement.

ISIS is a US/Zionist conspiracy.

I have heard this before and posted an article on the idiocy of the Iranian Government backed Press TV who also see a conspiracy between the US and the Zionists:

The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a plot by the Israeli regime to drive away revolutionary forces from Israeli borders and provide a safe haven for the Zionists, a high-ranking Iranian military commander says.

More to the point the StWC don't want western military intervention. Only "aid" from "humanitarian" organisations or the UN.

One problem with that line comrades is the people you say need aid will be dead if someone doesn't stop ISIS and if the US is prepared to act I am sure the thousands of people camping in the mountains as you read this will be grateful for the help.

Meanwhile the StWC comrades and their allies can sleep easy in their beds tonight knowing they have saved their "revolutionary integrity".

Anti-imperialism is a bankrupt ideology and the left should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh by the way they are on a demo tomorrow, hearts on their sleeves on a pro-Hamas demo in London.

Or is Hamas the real distraction here?

Ask Medhi Hasan, he might like to have a think about that.

Blinkered that he is.

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