Monday, 25 August 2014

Guilty before being proved innocent sounds more like "Sharia"

Following the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria establishment figures have started making suggestions as to how we might deal with "the enemy within", the young Jihadists hailing from these shores.

Some measures are eminently sensible and justifiable. Those proven of aiding abetting and joining ISIS in their barbaric and inhumane rampage should be treated as terrorists and pay for their crimes. Those who have been given asylum or naturalisation and are proven to be terrorists should have their right to remain in this country or citizenship removed.

This would form one firm measure that could be taken against the barbarian attention seekers going to Iraq and Syria to murder, maim and enslave.

The key to this this of course is proof.

Being innocent until found guilty is a basic human right under British Law.

If "proof" is not forthcoming, most people would not disapprove on the security services maintaining a discreet eye upon those they have firm suspicions on.

But Boris Johnson is wrong to argue that anyone going to Iraq or Syria should be seen as guilty of terrorism and then having to prove their innocence.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph Johnson says:

The law needs a swift and minor change so that there is a “rebuttable presumption” that all those visiting war areas without notifying the authorities have done so for a terrorist purpose.

This is not a minor change. Its bloody great big one.

Acting against the Islamist fanatics will take time, and the current Government has been just as lax as previous ones in dealing with Hate Preachers and their ilk. The left has to take some of the blame, if not more for its over the top and ridiculous campaign against any criticism of Islam or some its followers.

They called it Islamophobia.

Many warned have of the danger growing within, but were ignored leading to growth of right-wing extremist organisations like the EDL.

This country has allowed the growth of radical Islamism in its schools and universities where Islamic Student Societies have been found to be promoting gender segregation and worse.

If we as a society are to beat this threat, then we do actually have to be better than them.

Boris may have his eye on the premiership, but the rule of Law must be maintained against opportunist politicians using the Islamist threat for their own ends.

The key to all this is integration, something that has spectacularly failed with the Muslim communities around the country.

The use of so-called Sharia Courts in the UK must be ended.

Women's rights must be campaigned for inside the somewhat conservative Muslim community.

Most of all campaigning against "hate speech", the use of derogatory terms for non-Muslims must be at the forefront of such work.

Multiculturalism has failed. We need to find a new way.


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