Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Life of Brian moment in Bermondsey

Left Unity  Bermondsey Republican Socialists

The new political formation that laughingly describes itself as Left Unity is taking tentative steps into electoral politics. But in the usual Life Of Brian fashion not all is going well even on the micro-scale that the comrades are operating.

One small problem has arisen in the constituency of Bermondsey, the seat occupied by David Hughes and where Peter Tatchell makes his name way back in the unsavoury eighties when homophobia was quite open and rabid. He was described as an "Australian Poof" by one leading Labour Party member whose name escapes which is probably best.

But I digress.

Now there is a small organisation that most of you may not have heard of. They are called The Republican Socialist Party and are led by a certain Steve Freeman whose politics (as far as I can be bothered to ascertain) are summed up thus: "In order for socialism to succeed the bourgeois revolution must be completed first".

Hence republicanism as a, nay central precept for any "socialist" organisation". The abolition of the Monarchy and the creation of a republic. Trouble is there aren't many takers amongst the "bourgeoisie" for Republicanism. Constitutional monarchy seems to suit most people. Even most of the working class aren't much bothered by calls for the abolition of the monarchy.

But never mind. Comrade Steve Freeman the cults leader has a cunning plan. He's going to stand for parliament in Bermondsey as a republican socialist candidate and remind the masses about the betrayal the "45%" feel in Scotland about being "cheated out of independence". He's even called on the radical Independence Network for "backup".

Not sure exactly how that will motivate the voters of the London Borough of Bermondsey but I'm sure Comrade Freeman has the interests of the workers at heart.

Trouble is in order to do this he has to stand against Left Unity of which he also happens to be a member. They have different plans apparently and these don't include running poor Steve as their candidate.

Kate"CND" Hudson has written to comrade Freeman sternly:

I am writing to inform you that your intention to stand as a candidate in a constituency where Left Unity is standing a candidate is incompatible with Left Unity membership.....

I urge you to withdraw your candidacy and support the ‘Left Unity - Trade Unionists and Socialists’ candidate, Kingsley Abrams, who has been endorsed by Southwark branch and Left Unity national council.

If you persist with your candidacy, I advise you to resign from Left Unity. If not, I will pursue withdrawal of your membership with the appropriate party bodies.

That's not acceptable to "our Steve" who rants:

Thanks for your letter (March 20 2015) advising me of the intention to expel me if I do not stand down in favour of a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate. I will not be standing down...

If Tusc does well in the election, this will make the Tusc-LU merger which is now on the cards more or less inevitable. The expulsion of a republican socialist from LU, combined with the dominance of the lash-up between the SP-SWP and RMT bureaucracy is the death knell for LU as an independent party. All the votes that pile up for Tusc nationally and in Bermondsey are but fuel for a funeral pyre for LU.....

The plan to expel me from LU is, thus, a curious combination of political ignorance, gross stupidity and the behind-the-scenes manoeuvrings of dark forces.

No he doesn't mean the Romans (I think), he's referring to Socialist Resistance another tiny group that has weaselled it's way in the faction driven Left Unity "party".

Personally I think he should just shout "splitters".

Answers on a post card as to why the far-left are incapable of ever achieving anything.

Like, ever.

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