Friday, 6 March 2015

PCS provides some light relief

A couple of PCS union reps finally found their way to my workplace today. One was known to me the other a stranger who desperately tried to entice members of staff to sign up to the union by Direct Debit as union subs cease to be collected via "check off" this month.

One of the items they gave out (though pointedly not to me) was a letter from PCS DWP Group President Fran Heathcote addressed to all members in PCS South West Thames Branch.

What an honour.

Dated 3rd March (there's a reason for me quoting the date) Fran informed the members that " the ex PCS Branch Secretary is no longer a member of PCS".

Sure everyone knew that already. Members were sent my letter of resignation back in January, but just in case there's any doubt here's the link in case anyone missed it.

Prospect logo.png

Comrade President then calls on members to attend the Branch AGM the following day as it is an important meeting. The future of the union is at stake.

Trouble is that would have been Wednesday 4th March and's date is the 6th I believe.

So unless any remaining PCS member in Wandsworth has the keys to the Tardis I doubt they'd be able to go.

Never mind comrades try another tact.

One of my colleagues was asked if she was going to sign up by DD. When the reply was a firm no, I'm leaving PCS was given our intrepid PCS representative enquired if "Howard was trying to influence your decision" My colleague replied in forthright tomes that she was "capable of making her own mind up".

Oh dear how to win people over.

Such a sad state of affairs the PCS finds itself in.

Meanwhile the hierarchy of PCS  are trying to undermine the launch of the Revenue & Customs Trade Union launched earlier this week (see here).

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The Stalinist Morning Star has taken up the PCS Grandees cause and reports:

A “scab union” has launched a recruitment drive in tax offices just months after leaked documents revealed that revenue chiefs had connived to “encourage” workers away from true union PCS.

R&C Trade Union was registered with the certification officer in January.

It launched a flashy website on Wednesday promising “open and constant dialogue with members and the employer to protect and promote the terms and conditions of the staff to deliver a world-class public tax service.”

No justification for describing the union composed of dissatisfied ex PCS members as a "scab union" but you're talking about a paper that backed that well know purveyor of truth Uncle Joe Stalin himself.

They quote unnamed PCS sources as stating the organisation "only had a handful of supporters".

If that's the case why are the PCS so concerned about the RCTU. Could it be because several thousand of their members in the HMRC expressed an interest before the new union was launched?

The unions Trots don't stop moaning about it. While I was still in PCS the "Dear leader" Mr Serwotka himself tried to get me to take down a post from this blog about the breakaway.

Truth is they are worried.

The Star also tries to claim no breakaway union has had any luck conveniently ignoring the highly successful setting up of the National Crime Officers Association when a whole Department of members walked out of PCS a couple of years back.

Still going strong as you can see from their website here.

PCS is in sharp decline as reports from inside the union continue to confirm.

Members should know there are alternatives to PCS.

Prospect was my choice along with a growing number of people I used to work alongside or collaborate with in PCS.

Join a proper trade union today: Go to:

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