Saturday, 28 March 2015

Islam's false "victim-hood" and the anti-imperialist "left"

A story caught my attention in the London Evening Standard on the way home from work last night. It referred to one of the parents of the "Jihadi Brides" that have been in the news of late. Ben Morgan reports:

The father of one of the three runaway "jihadi brides" marched at a flag-burning rally led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary, it has emerged.

Abase Hussen, whose daughter fled east London with two school friends to join Islamic Stae militants was filmed chanting "Allahu Akbar" alongside a sign reading "The followers of Mohammed will conquer America" according to the Daily Mail"

This from a man who told a Parliamentary sub Committee that the Police, Turkish authorities and everyone else as to blame for his daughters "plight".

Smoke & Mirrors methinks.

Attending one of Choudary's hate rallies is not normal activity for anyone, let alone a parent who claimed not to understand how his daughter became radicalised.

The Mail runs this as it's lead story today and guess what. Mr Hussen employed a somewhat "radicalised lawyer. The Daily Mail reports:

Tasnime Akunjee has gone on record in the past to declare that no Muslim should co-operate with the British police force because the Government’s Prevent counter-terror policy is ‘straightforward, paid-for spying on the community’.

He once asked in an internet rant: ‘Does she [Home Secretary Theresa May] have Nazi blood in her veins?’

Imagine the furore if someone had insulted a Muslim leader in the same vein.

The wider public might not have heard of Mr Akunjee until now but behind his self-righteous performance in the Commons, behind his fancy legal credentials, behind his respectable upbringing (his father and two younger brothers are all doctors), is an individual with links to what some might describe as the ‘who’s who’ of Islamic extremists in Britain.

As far as I'm concerned the "Islamists" ARE the new Nazi's and should be treated as such, not that the so called "anti-imperialist" left are much better.

The recent furore over the mass murderer Jihadi John created by an unsavoury alliance of Cage and Counterfire (a breakaway from the Socialist Workers Party) shows what not just a nonsensical but down right evil world some of these people live in.

Hearing followers of the religion of peace intolerance calling a murderer a "beautiful man" and being supported in this by John Rees not just a Counterfire member but a leader of the misnamed Stop the War Coalition disgusts not just me but the vast majority of decent people in this country.

But there are others. We all know that the SWP slavishly follows Islamism and describes any criticism of their religion (even from atheists) as "Islamophobic" but in the new Left Unity "party" there is a chap called John Tummon who has become notorious for trying to describe ISIS as an "anti-imperialist" movement. He's now part of the LU leadership.

If anyone is in any doubt about the fascist, genocidal and Islamic imperialist nature of ISIS they should watch the Unreported World documentary on Kobane and the Kurds broadcast on Channel 4 last night (it should be on-line by now).

The fact is Islamism breeds on unjustified "victim-hood" and far too much time is spent placating them rather than opposing them in defence of human rights which the left is supposed to be about.

Trouble is blinkered the blinkered ideology of "anti-imperialism" has become one of appeasement to the rise of the new fascism.

Most of the left can no longer be trusted.

Neither can today's student activist generation who are too busy either ignoring hate preachers on campus in case they upset "Muslim students" and ignore the rights of women, gays and frankly everybody else from this far-right ideology.

Still the student comrades can either wave "jazz hands" or hide in one of their "safe spaces watching videos of puppies (I do not jest this happens in one American University) whilst the new Nazi's grow.

There needs to be a "new left". One that ditches the failed ideologies of the last two centuries and moves forward with human rights, free speech and secularism as it's creed.

The old left has failed. Lets build a new one.

Let the works of Marx Trotsky & Lenin, Chomsky and all the rest collect dust on the shelves. We need new thinking.


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