Tuesday, 10 March 2015

PCS leadership in panic about new RCTU union


The PCS union issued an extraordinary statement today in response to the establishment of a new union in the HMRC, the Revenue & Customs Trade Union. The opening paragraph disingenuously opens by saying:

It has been brought to our attention that a group purporting to be a new representative body for staff within HMRC has begun accepting members this week. Based in a room above an e-cigarette shop on the outskirts of Liverpool, they describe themselves as a “trade union” but are not recognised as such by HMRC, PCS or the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The inference that is that PCS was not aware of this group is rather odd given that all mention of it has been banned for some months on the unions own Face Book Page . PCS has been avoiding confronting this development from the beginning. Only recently I reminded readers that Mark Serwotka wanted me to remove a post from this blog whilst I was still a member of PCS.

The far-left are obviously running scared.

The fact that the RCTU is "not recognised" by the PCS is laughable since the comrades have been hoping the whole project would simply whither away.  As for Management, since the union is busily setting up it's structures and membership base, it will be a while before the new union finds a place at the table. Such is the way things work. But as PCS grudgingly admit the RCTU are actually talking to management.

One piece of information that the PCS statement deliberately overlooks is the fact that the RCTU has been recognised and given accreditation by the Trade Union Certification Officer.

So the RCTU is an officially recognised trade union.

According to the PCS "comrades" that " Though at this stage the new group in HMRC is no more than a minor distraction to PCS" they later seem to contradict themselves when they write that the RCTU is "Hopefully not" a threat.

Make one of your minds up comrades...

Meanwhile some shenanigans are taking place on Face Book. 

A couple a false RCTU pages have been put up by some comrade or two. There's also a false Twitter feed apparently. No evidence as to who put them up, but as most detectives would say, who would benefit from this?

The RCTU has responded on the Face Book issue stating:

It has come to our attention that someone has set up both a Facebook and Twitter account both purporting to be RCTU. This is not the case.

RCTU do not have a Facebook page, as we believe that the membership area on this website will be a much better place to address our members directly.

RCTU do have a Twitter account that was set up some months ago, thus far there has been little activity on Twitter but as and when more members are on our Twitter we will start communicating there more often with smaller, more immediate information for members as required.

For the avoidance of doubt the bona fide Twitter of RCTU is @RCTUnion on twitter.
Any other Twitter accounts claiming to be official are insincere.

I understand the RCTU will also be responding to the main PCS statement about them in due course.

The RCTU can be found at: https://rctunion.org.uk

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  1. The very best of luck to RCTU. It is very exciting to see a new union emerging and am sure will go from strength to strength.

    To all RCTU members, please ignore imitations!