Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Socialist Party Splits, the SWP trips...

The budget has been the focus of most peoples attention today so by way of something different I thought a quick trip around the wacky world of the far-left might be a little fun. Except for the last story which is more serious in nature..

But first, the Socialist Party (Scotland) has had a "Life of Brian" moment despite it's short and inglorious existence. The organisation (believed to contain around just 50 or so members has walked out of an alliance with Tommy Sheridan.

Surprised it took them that long really but on their rather dull website they proudly proclaim:

Socialist Party Scotland has today left Solidarity, a party we co-founded in 2006, following long-running political differences with party leader Tommy Sheridan.

Tommy Sheridan has been calling for a vote for the SNP at the Westminster elections since the days following the independence referendum in September last year. This has been done at the same time as the SNP-run Scottish Government and local councils have been carrying out brutal Tory austerity.

Solidarity conference today has voted in favour of urging “YES supporters across Scotland to consider lending their vote to SNP candidates on the basis of continued support for independence, nuclear disarmament and in opposition to unacceptable and unnecessary austerity cuts to public services and jobs.”

Tommy Sheridan and Solidarity’s decision marks a significant move away from a principled socialist position and is a step to the right politically. Under these circumstances, and despite being founding members of Solidarity in 2006, we can no longer be associated with the approach that Tommy and a majority of Solidarity members are currently taking.

Oh well at least they are still on first name terms.

The SP(S) continue:

We appeal to all those seeking a genuine alternative to pro business parties to help Socialist Party Scotland and TUSC build a fighting socialist alternative to cuts and austerity.

There's not much hope of that being much of a success but at least they still have the support of Madame Godrich, President of the PCS union for another year since she and their rest of the far-left in her union have cancelled internal elections. The charming Janice (who once wrote on Face Book that i "had an unhealthy fascination with small far left parties", despite err.. belonging to one herself, the aforementioned 50 strong SP(S) is doing her best for the comrades.

Their website gleefully reports:

A packed room of eighty people attended the inspiring election launch conference of the Scottish Trade Union and Socialist Coalition in Glasgow on 28 February.

Present were candidates, agents, campaign organisers, community campaigners and socialists from across Scotland. Trade unionists from the RMT, PCS, Unite, EIS, UNISON, NUJ, UCU, Equity and the GMB took part.

Must have mobilised every possible person they could think of for that meeting. Not that anybody noticed their "inspiring" rally. Other than us "inveterate Trot watchers" that is.... meanwhile the report continues:

Janice gave her personal support to the TUSC campaign and appealed for support for the PCS in its fight against the government’s attempts to break a fighting union organisationally and financially. She finished by calling for a co-ordinated industrial response to austerity by the trade union movement.

Well she would wouldn't she. Janice is a member of the SP/CWI.

Onwards to losing deposits and err not getting a general strike that our Janice perennially calls for.

Meanwhile the Socialist Workers Party on the one hand gives us a laugh by:

The Socialist Workers’ Party faced embarrassment after accidentally sending details of the mailing list for the ‘Wales Stand Up to UKIP’ campaign to UKIP members.

The email revealed a number of unexpected names for the hard-left group, including three Tory Members of the Welsh Assembly: Nick Ramsay, Mohammed Ashgar and William Graham.

It urged members on the list to donate their time at a series of stalls throughout the election period in an effort to smear UKIP candidates and the party.

On receiving the email, UKIP Wales replied to the group, telling them that “you appear to have sent us the details of the entire membership of your ‘stand up to UKIP organisation’ in Wales.”

Adopting a tongue-in-cheek tone, they added: “On a more positive note we have studied our events calendar and are able to confirm that none of your action days as listed clash with our own and we are therefore able to give you clearance to carry on as you feel fit on that front.”

Couldn't make it up if you tried. Brietbart news concludes:

So far no one from the SWP has chosen not to respond to our questions on the involvement of members of the clergy or Conservative Assembly Members participating in their group.

Oh dear. Street cred right out the window.


Meanwhile on a serious note concerns have been raised about the identity of a certain leading member of the misnamed "Unite Against Fascism" organisation who writes as "Milo Samuels". Same initials as one "Martin Smith" not that any concerns have been responded to by the SWP controlled UAF.

Owen Jones the new "luvvie" of the left has said he would quit UAF if this was true.

Has the "delta" returned to leading activity in the UAF.

I think we should be told.

The SWP still haven't learnt any lessons from their recent troubles and splits and remain pariahs on the left.

Not that anyone expected the Professors cult to learn humility by admitting to any failings.....


  1. Your "unhealthy fascination" continues I see

  2. No elections... sleepwalking into UNITE. :-(

  3. Please simon, i think you need to step back and reflect on your comments. I appreciate you want to be a senior union official but where is your evidence we are ........sleep walking into unite. You were a member of the pcs nec, and you didn't vote against any recommendation of the General secretary or the democratic alliance. surely when you have been elected to the executive of the uk's 6th largest trade union we'd expect a more rational point of view ?

  4. Thank you Kindly Janice. I am fine and well I hope you are too. I personally think PCS will be merged/taken over by Unite at some point in time. Just to add I do not wish to or seek being in a Senior Union official anymore in PCS. I am campaigning on being elected to district and town council in my local area for the Labour Party and campaigning to save our local Hospital and birthing centre and to end Tory Part Light Street lighting as well as rasing a family.

    kindness regards to you all on the NEC I assume its the same ones as last elected. Wish me luck in my elections. Good health to you all.