Thursday, 19 March 2015

SWP join Jihadist fan club

It seems the supporters of Islamic fascism have gained yet another far-left "anti-imperialist" group to their cause. The Counterfire rabble under the leadership of John Rees & Lyndsey German have been backing the disgusting "Cage" organisation directly.

Now the Socialist Workers Party line up with the pro-Jihadist Cage organisation as theis article in this weeks edition of Socialist Worker reports: 

Right whip up Islamophobia over Isis

Detainee rights campaign group Cage and its director Moazzam Begg have been the target of more Islamophobic smears.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper claimed it had evidence that Moazzam visited the camp where Londoner Mohammed Emwazi allegedly trained as an Isis fighter.

It quotes unnamed “official sources” speculating over the identities of men wearing balaclavas in a photo from around 2012.

The paper had already attacked Cage and Moazzam for saying that it was Western imperialism and state terror that helped make Emwazi, known as “Jihadi John”, into an Isis fighter.

Mohammed Tasnime Akunjee, the solicitor for the students from east London who have allegedly travelled to Syria to join Isis, has also come under attack.

Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph newspaper said that he is an “extremist” with links to “terror apologists” Cage. This was after the solicitor criticised police handling of the case.

The sisters of the students also now face “radicalisation” tests as the tide of Islamophobia grows higher around such cases.

This week three teenagers from Britain were arrested in Turkey on “suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks”. They were bailed pending further inquiries.

Words almost fail me.

This is just further evidence of a growing pro-fascist trend on the far-left. 

The Socialist Workers Party, Counterfire and people like John Tummon of the Left Unity organisation should be driven out of the trade union & labour movement.

Unite Against Fascism!

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