Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New Revenue & Customs Trade Union launches today!

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The Revenue & Customs Trade Union has formally launched today and according to early reports membership applications are flooding in. The following is from the official press release issued earlier today: 


Why form the RCTU? The trade union movement in the Civil Service is in disarray and decline. The workforce of HMRC wants a new approach to Industrial Relations that can tackle the employer vigorously, fairly and honestly - a Trade Union that promotes their efforts and their interests through dialogue and negotiation– that is what we are offering.

HMRC faces multiple internal and external challenges and now, more than ever, requires a representative body capable of promoting and protecting the vital work of the Department and the workforce. The RCTU aim is to make HMRC the world leader in public sector tax organisations. The RCTU launch is a major change in the industrial and employee relations landscape of the civil service.

RCTU Secretary Margi Rathbone says "Ordinary union members are fed up with politically driven protest strikes that gain nothing but the loss of pay - they are showing their disdain for politically-inspired conflict by demanding change. We are bringing that change - constructive dialogue to get the best deal possible for our members, HMRC and the taxpayer. Our values drive a need for constructive engagement with the employer in a way that balances the needs of all stakeholders - we are here to negotiate the best outcome, not to make political points in a non-Ministerial department where the only people who suffer from unnecessary opposition are the members, the organisation and the public.

HMRC are at the centre of the general election debate on tax avoidance, tax evasion and bonuses for some senior civil servants. What is not in doubt is that the workforce is working tirelessly to do their job -day in and day out whilst also bearing the brunt of austerity cuts and pay freezes. In the heat of this external debate let us not forget that HMRC is a vital United Kingdom institution – the RCTU want to see HMRC strengthen and prosper for the good of the country.”

Their website can be accessed here:


  1. Just to say Staff in the VOA (A Non Departmental Public Body of HMRC) can join up too.

  2. Very strange Howie.

    You're "promoting" RCTU. But if as Simon says RCTU want to try and recruit in VOA, this could be at the expense of Prospect as well as PCS.

    Why are you promoting an organisation that will be trying to poach your new union's membership? Confused thinking!

  3. The RCTU is only a ""threat" to PCS's declining ranks. I doubt it will have any impact on Prospect.

  4. They've set up a Facebook page / group too.

  5. That's not the view of Prospect in VOA. RCTU are also trying to recruit from jobs/grades that are largely Prospect. They are very concerned about this.

  6. The RCTU remains a threat only to PCS's declining fortunes but I recall Kevin McHugh boasting about how 500 Prospect members had joined PCS at conference one year. And you told me that you were dealing with ex-Prospect members.

    Point is things are changing. For the better I hope as the useless and sectarian PCS becomes less relevant especially with your Socialist Party allies/mates concentrating on helping the Tories by dividing the anti-Tory vote in marginals. That worries me a tad more old chap.