Wednesday, 25 March 2015

NUS Womens Conference: No wonder they call it TWITter

nus women

Mary had the right response!

However the TWITters at NUS are encouraged to use "Jazz hands" (WTF?)

original complaint nus women

Jazz hands? Only the Black & White Minstrels come to mind. Not very PC I'm told!

Actually I've had my anxiety raised by the same conference debating a motion to abolish the Industrial prison complex". Apparently Prison is about "punishment" (who knew). 

So let's not put all these muggers, thieves, rapists and murderers in prison. Just give them a good telling off and a book on political correctness to read eh comrades?

And they worry about clapping?

I'd tell these individuals they are deranged, but it'd probably make them anxious.

Poor souls. How will they cope outside the hallowed corridors of higher education in the real world.

Big hat/tip to: The Backbencher

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