Sunday, 22 March 2015

Unite: McCluskey prepares to move to the far-left


Britain's largest union is in two news stories this weekend as Len McCluskey ups the ante in advance of the general election as reported on the Unite website:

Such are Unite’s concerns, the union’s executive is recommending to members that the words “so far as may be lawful” are removed from the rules governing the union’s actions in recognition that a Tory government will introduce laws to prevent working people mounting a decent defence against employer abuse.

In a far reaching speech covering the journey from the Margaret Thatcher’s assaults on unions to the present day, whereby a single judge can deny hundreds of workers the ability to take lawful industrial action mandated by legal ballots, Len McCluskey warned that the fundamental human right to strike is “hanging by a thread”.

Emphasising that Unite is committed to operating effectively within the law, he says that the time has come to ask “can unions stay within the law any longer?” .......

“These words will go not because we are anarchists, not because we are suddenly planning a bank robbery - but because we have to ask ourselves the question, can we any longer make that commitment to, under any and all circumstances, stick within the law as it stands?

A challenge that will add to Mr Miliband's difficulty in getting elected. 

And McCluskey's not exactly helping much there either. 

According to the Sunday Times today (no link£):

The general secretary of Unite will move to sever the unions links with the Labour party within weeks if Ed Miliband loses the election according to an insider.

Unite, Labour's biggest donor, will hold a rules conference that would re-write it's constitution so that it can support other parties instead.

McCluskey will back the change if Miliband fails to make it to No 10, the source predicted.

Such short sighted sectarianism all resulting from the Falkirk clash could seriously damage the unity of the Labour & Trade Union movement in this country for years to come.

These proposals come at a time when far-left forces are already disrupting a number of trade unions most notably the nearly bankrupt civil service union PCS.

Such ultra-leftist posturing could be the key Serwotka and his Socialist Party cronies need to get the merger they want through conference.

Mcluskey the Marxist is playing a dangerous game. 

Labour supporters should ensure this nonsense is beaten off and act now, not just at Unite conference this summer.

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