Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Red One

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Red One #1 (Image Comics)

Xavier Dorison (w) Terry & Rachel Dodson (a)

The Red One was created by Comrade Stalin at The Twelfth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to honour the female comrades who fell fighting capitalists during the revolution.

That's the gist of what lies behind this slightly tongue in cheek tale from the now long forgotten days of the "Cold War".

Take one American Porn Star, being murdered by what turns out to be the USA's first "super-villain" , the "Carpenter" inspired by politician who makes Mary Whitehouse seem almost Liberal by comparison and what do you get?

The KGB to the rescue?

They send for the more than sexually liberated agent Vera Yelinikov.

What do they want her to be? An All American Superhero of course.

Their rationale to undermine the growing capitalist threat (in the form of  killjoy Jacky Core (and I quote):

"To fight propaganda...create different propaganda. We are going to create a different superhero in the states. A rival to the carpenter. Our superhero will have to move there under an assumed name. The win the hearts and minds of the Americans.

And when that is done and not before they will eliminate the "Carpenter". This superhero has been chosen by comrade Brezhnev..it's you."

And off goes (a very unhappy) super spy. Our Vera.

Even the flight doesn't go without erm..incident. Vera joins the "mile high club" (as any secret agent seems to do) and arrives in the USA to begin her mission.

Great fun, not always "politically correct", but well worth a read!

Can't wait for the second issue......

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