Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Chuka Umunna is wrong. Corbyns politics are not Labour principles

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There's still two weeks to go before the final result of the Labour leadership election is known. The moderates and modernisers of the party are in disarray for the most part, except for Liz Kendal who alone has stuck to her clear alternative vision for Labour in the 21st Century.

Former favourite to be leader of the Labour Party Cuka Umunna has already raised the white flag in the face of the rise the Corbinistas. The Guardian reports:

Chuka Umunna, a leading Labour moderniser, has urged his wing of the party to work with a Jeremy Corbyn leadership and not to make the mistake of giving the impression that electability requires the party to ditch its principles.

Umunna’s remarks are likely to be taken as an olive branch, if not a white flag, to the Corbyn side although there may also be a calculation that if Corbyn, the clear frontrunner, is to fail, Umunna’s wing of the party must not have done anything to make it responsible.

A white flag indeed.

Corbyn will fail regardless of what the modernisers will do or not do because he will never be and frankly never should be Prime Minister. He will lead Labour to electoral disaster and we the working people will suffer the consequences of another unfettered Tory government. Already the Tories are way ahead in the polls because of the self-inflicted wounds Labour has placed upon itself.

Nick Cohen writing in the Spectator has wise words for Mr Umunna:

Chuka, baby, don’t you get it? The far left will blame you whatever you do, if they don’t purge you first. The excuses are already prepared. However loyal Labour politicians are, however toothless and servile, failure will be their fault (and the media’s fault, I should add). The far left never takes responsibility for its defeats. It can never admit that its ideas are wrong and alliances with Islamists and Putinists repellent. The failure of the true faith is always the fault of the heretics, and never of the godly.

I do not and will never accept that the Marxist, anti-imperialist brigade of anti-Western appeasers can ever be trusted. Their support for dictators, unsavoury regimes and groups regardless of their being undemocratic, homophobic, misogynistic,anti-Semitic or down right genocidal so long as they oppose the our democratic way of life is appalling.

To me the far-left and Corbyn do not have core Labour values.

To raise the white flag of surrender is not acceptable. 

Power in politics within democracy relies on compromise with those who do not and will never agree with every dot and comma of the "programme" these people would implement, which is why the far left is not and will never be democratic.

They always impose and oppress.

Fine words on some issues appealing to the poor and the downtrodden are just smoke and mirrors for a dangerous and intolerant ideology.

Thank goodness Umunna did not become leader of the Labour party.

There can be no surrender of democratic values to the far left.

That includes the foolish Jeremy Corbyn who would appease and leave us defenceless in a hostile world.

The modernisers and moderates within the Labour and trade union movement need to regroup, rethink and start the fightback against this vicious tendency that in society is such a minority but has been allowed to hijack Labour.

Failure to take back the Labour Party is not an option. 

Unite against the extremists now.

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