Monday, 28 September 2015

Spoilt middle class anarchist brats

Class War      =     

The scene of so-called "anarchists" laying siege to a cereal cafe in Shoreditch has to go down as one of the more bizarre political protests witnessed in a long time. According to them selling cereal at £3.40 a bowl is a crime against the working class.

Not that most of them know what working means.

As for class, the majority of these black clad masked individuals certainly know about that.

The majority of them come from the comfortable middle classes and think it's radical to go around swearing shouting and causing general mayhem in the name of Class War.

I have never forgiven these idiots for ruining the pensions demonstration by smashing up Piccadilly whilst the majority of us were peacefully protesting about the threat to our livelihoods.

These "anarchists" hid in our ranks, masked up as we entered Trafalgar Square and then acted in a violent way scaring many ordinary men and women on the march, some of whom had their children with them.

The only class they represent is that of an unruly fourth form with even less of an intellect.

Their protest (if you can call their behaviour that) was ostensibly about the "gentrification" of parts of London. "Social cleansing" as they put it. Whilst there is some truth in what they say this was no way to go about it. The ones most likely to be put off would be real workers.

Not that they probably ever mix with any.

There was one more sinister element to their protest.

They claimed the area was being ripped apart by "Israeli scumbag property developers".

Jews to you and me.

No truth to that at all.

Just the normal prejudices of today's anti-Semitic radicals.


Strasserites more like.



  1. For once I agree with you.

    To be clear, I think that social cleansing and gentrification is a real issue, as is landbanking, the selling off of council houses and failure to replace the stock (many of which are now rented privately), and also the way housing is purchased purely for speculative purposes (60% of homes built in 2011 were bought by foreign investors).

    But despite these very real issues, attacking a cafe which, as much as I hate the concept, is a small business, most likely without any of the advantages that the big chains have, and which probably pays its correct share of tax in the UK, is completely ludicrous behaviour and does nothing to help the people who are affected by the above issues. Direct action has to be peaceful and make a point in a constructive way.

  2. Hello Howard.
    I wasn't on the demonstration last weekend but have followed the media's obsessive portrayal of it with great interest. My impression was that there were many locals on the demo who were fed up of being priced out of the area they've lived all their lives Do you know the majority of the people who demonstrated? If not then how do you know the majority are middle class?
    Regarding the Piccadilly demo. Do you think there is any place for civil disobedience, violence even, in the struggle against a ruling class that is literally killing people through benefit sanctions, pension cuts, pushing people out of their homes and into poverty? Do you think A to B marches are enough? Do you think the powerful can be encouraged to relinquish some of their power through nonviolent means?
    I have to say your point about Israel and anti-semitism is ludicrous. 'Jews to you and me' are not responsible for the actions of the Israeli state. I think that comment itself is verging on anti-semitism Howard. There are SO many Jewish people who oppose the actions of the Israeli state, to suggest otherwise is plain ridiculous. 'Muslims to you and me' are NOT responsible for the actions of the Saudi government, 'Christians to you and me' were NOT responsible for the actions of George W Bush. I really hope this is obvious to you.
    Thanks :)