Sunday, 6 September 2015

Return of the far-left

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The rise of Jeremy Corbyn has led to a revival of sorts for the various far-left groups and activists that have been inhabiting the fringes of British politics since their fall back in the eighties when Labour finally saw sense and kicked out the Militant Tendency, dropped the outdated Clause 4 section of their constitution and went on to win, that's right win three consecutive general elections under Tony Blair.

Now I can't say I agreed with everything that Blair and his government did and was heavily involved in strike action against Alistair Darlings policies in the civil service. That said over-all Labour had become of age and was once again fit for government.

However the far-left have begun to rise once again and threaten not just the future of the Labour Party but the survival of a democratic left of centre opposition in British politics for a decade or more under Jeremy Corbyn.

I dare say Corbyn doesn't see things that way. He even says  that he has no intention of deposing sitting MP's. Just like he says he "can't remember" meeting certain unsavoury figures in the Islamist world or thinks that some of these people are "friends". Of course he excuses himself by saying he's being diplomatic.

Those close to him say he's a "nice bloke". Irrelevant if you oppose his politics. My main concern that he is beyond naive and having never had any major role in government or opposition has spent too much time in left-wing circles where the comrades live in an ideological bubble.

His views on defence are untenable (see previous post) as is his stance on international issues.

However his supporters are not so generous. I have previously reported the view of the Alliance for Workers Liberty (a small Trot group) that purges should take place. These were of course dismissed. A further report of a Unite official talking about such purges was said to "not be the unions policy" when challenged.

Now the sinister Socialist Action group is entering the fray. An organisation that almost denies it's own existence despite having a website and organised membership. These people were Ken Livingstone's "Lieutenants" when he ran London. Now they are lining up behind Corbyn.

Some like Simon Fletcher are said to be "ex-members" but even so will be well versed in the same political tactics used by Socialist Action.

 One former SA member Atma Singh told the Sunday Times that:

...the groups Trotskyist agenda would be "very dangerous" for Britain and no member should be allowed such a powerful position in Labour.

Just as a reminder Socialist Action is one two affiliates in the UK of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International, a world wide organisation of Trotsky's modern day followers and committed to revolutionary politics and the establishment of what they call Communism. Hence their symbol is the Hammer & Sickle with an added number 4 to distinguish them from the Stalinist currents that also still exist.

Of course such niceties are not always followed. Inside the Labour Party there there is an organisation called the Labour Representation Committee. The LRC is is a right old mix of old fashioned Labour "lefts", Trots and non Labour supporters including the pro-North Korean New Communist Party.

Talk of "mandatory reselection" by Corbinstas such as Jon Lansman who t has set up a "company" to "process internal Labour information" is a further sign that the left intend having a purge whether Corbyn wants one or not.

I get the impression Corbyn will be a very weak leader. He's full of (useless) rhetoric but actually has little of substance to offer. The comrades of the far-left will simply walk all over him and like Chamberlain will wave a "piece of paper".

The fall of the the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism world wide should have ended this pretentious nonsense years ago but like the Islamists they find common ground with on international issues they are stuck in a time warp.

Labour cannot be abandoned to these people.

The far-left contains some very unpleasant individuals. Fighting back will be rough but if we are to both have a credible opposition party and remove the Tories from power then stand up and be counted we must.

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