Saturday, 5 September 2015

Time to intervene against ISIS to end the humanitarian crisis.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and in the case of the poor Syrian child lying drowned on a beach in Turkey this becomes  not only accurate, but a "game changer". The attitudes of so many people both here and across Europe have changed. The crisis in Syria and it's human cost can no longer be ignored.

The civil war in Syria has been going on for so long and been overshadowed by the rise of ISIS in both that country and Iraq that nightly reports have numbed us to the extent of the humanitarian crisis that it all seemed so far away until now.

And yet Europe remains paralysed in it's response.

The immediate need is to ensure the physical safety of those who have arrived on our shores, the second and more complex problem is what to do about the root cause of the crisis that has sent people in their thousands across the ocean.

One post I saw on a Labour Party forum suggested that the bombing of Syria was the cause and that the West should not intervene this way. I would concur only in the fact that bombing alone will not spread the poison that is ISIS and their criminal gang who have driven so many to flee as they murder, rape and enslave their way across the Levant.

There is a need to intervene on the ground sooner rather than later to end the threat of ISIS.

The Russians have intervened, albeit to support their client Assad. The Business Insider reports

Russia is providing “serious” training and logistical support to the Syrian army, Vladimir Putin has said, in the first public confirmation of the depth of Russia’s involvement in Syria's civil war.

Commenting on reports that Russian combat troops have been deployed to Syria, the Russian president said discussion of direct military intervention is “so far premature,” but did not rule out that such a step could be taken in future.

Meanwhile the anti-imperialist brigade as represented by the misnamed Stop the War Coalition have not said a word about Russia's involvement, despite constantly telling the democratic West to not intervene. This blatant hypocrisy is now of more concern as the Chair of the StWC is a certain Jeremy Corbyn who looks like becoming leader of the Labour Party and has said quite clearly that he "cannot envision any circumstances in  which he would send British troops abroad".

Remember the StWC contains some of the worst elements of the so-called "left" who refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Crimea, the continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine and support the terrorist group Hamas despite their genocidal anti-Semitic leanings.

The softness of of the StWC on ISIS was so worrying their main leader, ex-Trot Lyndsey German even started off one of her Blog rants with a denial that she or the StWC were in any way supporters of ISIS. I have no idea why any of us should have gained that impression....

The focus of the Stoppers and let's be frank the Corbinistas now on the rise in Labour, has always been on the democratic West and it being to blame for everything bad in the world as if Islamism was only a reaction to "imperialism". 

In many ways their ideological outlook is inherently racist as the anti-imperialists cannot accept that history does not start with the rise of Western imperialism and totally ignore the imperialism of Islamism which erupted from the Arabian peninsula 1500 years ago and imposed their way of life on indigenous peoples across North Africa and the Middle East, now claiming these are "Muslim lands". they were not then and the Christians, Yazadi's, Jews and other non-Muslims have suffered ever since.

Non-Muslims are facing genocide as part of ISIS as are Muslims that don't think like them. Add to that barbaric dictators such as Assad and we see a completely different picture to that painted by the anti-imperialists.

If we are serious about solving the refugee crisis then the roots of the conflict must be tackled. The first step must be to deal with ISIS. The Anti-imperialist/Corbinistas should be ignored. They are not only too soft on dictators and terrorists their attitudes would leave not just the current refugees but us at risk from would be aggressors.

The so-called left cannot be trusted. Corbyn is not fit for government. It is the stoppers that must stop and be stopped.

The world must intervene now even if it does mean putting troops on the ground. There is no alternative, only the cowards and appeasers will try to prevent this.

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