Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's "Minister for Jews"?

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The new leader of the Labour Party is well known to have more than dodgy friends, especially in the Islamist world. His victory yesterday was welcomed by Hamas who wrote:

He is one of the most prominent figures who voiced solidarity with the Palestinian cause and his rejection of the war on Gaza.

Actually like most of the left, Corbyn refused to accept the aggressors were Hamas using Palestinian civilians as shield whilst 11,000 rockets were fired at Israel and badly needed construction material was wasted on tunnels leading into Israel so that terrorist could emerge and murder Jewish civilians.

All that took time to prepare and yet Israel is to blame for the "crime" of defending itself.

As Corbyn prepares his shadow cabinet from the toadies prepared to serve under him the Jewish Chronicle reports:

Rumours emanating from the Corbyn camp within the last 48 hours suggested he wanted to appoint a “Minister for Jews” – an emissary to work with the community. Is that a proposal that is likely to help?

While apparently designed as a measure to improve relations and build bridges, unveiling religion-specific portfolio holders – there would also be a Minister for Muslims it is understood – could be yet another PR disaster for the 66-year-old leader.

Would he, for example, give the Jewish minister job to a Jew? Or would it go to a non-Jew who was friendly towards the community? What about a Jew who was unfriendly towards the community? It would be a minefield.

I cannot imagine a more stupid idea, but this is Jeremy Corbyn we are talking about. I wouldn't trust Corbyn or any appointee of his anyway, besides the fact that having Ministers for religions goes against the grain of a modern secular society. 

Personally I find the idea quite sinister.

Who is a Jew anyway? I don't get counted because of my long standing atheism but to an anti-Semite I am and will always be a Jew.

As for the Muslim community? Which one? Islam is divided between more than just the Sunni & Shia divide. Who is going to decide who is a Muslim? 

Will the Ahmadiyya be counted? They are rejected as heretics by other Muslims.

Religion and the state must always be kept separate.

You'd think this so-called radical would be looking towards the disestablishment of the Church of England and the repeal of all blasphemy laws.

Secularism seems lost on today's faux-left.

As does reason.

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