Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It was right to take out UK Jihadists

The news that two so-called British "Jihadists" or criminals as they really should be called has been welcomed by most people. These two "men" were part of a movement that has been committing murder, rape and genocide on an unprecedented scale in modern times. Their individual crimes will probably never be known in full but we do know what ISIS has been up to in both Syria and Iraq.

They get no sympathy from me or any decent people in this or any other country.

You may recall an organisation called CAGE, the ones who had the audacity to try and claim mass murder "Jihadi John" was a nice man whilst John Ress of the mis-named Stop the War Coalition and Marxist organisation Counterfire sat chairing their blatant nonsense.

CAGE have been at it again.

In a press release the Islamist organisation states:

London - CAGE condemns the extra judicial killing of Britons Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin.
The strike marks a new milestone in the UK’s history. It is particularly pertinent in the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.....

“The UK government has not released a legal justification for the killing of two British nationals in Syria. This may violate safeguards put in place to assess how soon someone is about to make an attack. We question whether Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin posed a “continued imminent threat”.

These two men were part of a gang that has committed untold crimes and CAGE has the audacity to question whether they were a threat.

Not a word (as usual) about the victims of ISIS, many thousands of whom continue to suffer from the brutality of the actions of men like these two.

Anyone who joins ISIS is a threat not just to us but the ordinary Syrian and Iraqi men and women that suffer at their hands.

The anti-imperialist brigade continue to oppose proper intervention in Syria and in one of the daftest tweets I have ever seen from a member of parliament Diane Abbot writes:

I remain strongly opposed to military intervention in Syria. It is only a matter of time before civilians are hurt.

Excuse me? Has Ms Abbot not noticed a war has been raging in Syria for some years now with estimates of deaths ranging from 120,000 to 450,00 already?

Who are these refugees we see in Europe fleeing from exactly?

It's certainly not the West as the left tries to pretend. It's not just ISIS, there's also Assad's forces but have we seen a single demonstration from these comrades calling for an end to this war?

Not one.

Yet tomorrow the anti-imperialists will be on the streets attacking the Israeli Prime Minister who only acted to stop Hamas rockets being fired at his civilian population.

Their silence on acting against the real murderers of ISIS, Assad, Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East is a disgrace.

These people are not anti-war at all.

And just remember who is Chair of the Stop the War Campaign, involved in the self righteous Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBC reported:

Jeremy Corbyn attended a conference after the Iraq war that called on Iraqis to engage in "military struggle" against coalition forces, the BBC's Panorama programme has learned.

Some 179 British soldiers, who were part of the coalition, died in Iraq.

Mr Corbyn, who is tipped to be the next Labour leader, attended the event on behalf of the Stop the War Coalition....

Its 2003 conclusions committed the conference to support "resistance against the occupation forces with all legitimate means, including military struggle".

At the time, Mr Corbyn was on Stop the War's steering committee.

In a mealy mouthed response his supporters retorted:

"As for the the Cairo conference, it was a separate organisation from StWC. Publication of its statement does not mean StWC endorsement of it.

Bit like them saying his comments on Hamas" being his friends was apparently "taken out of context".

Far too many excuses comrades.

The left is not to be trusted.

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