Friday, 11 September 2015

Fossils in the news....

It's the calm before the storm tonight as the world waits with baited breath to see if the Labour Party has signed up for electoral suicide by electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader. In London the news that Sadiq Khan has become Labour's Mayoral candidate was met with complete disinterest.

Meanwhile back in the real world scientists have discovered a new species of human in South Africa which may change our conceptions of makings evolution and the BBC has dug up one of it's old fossils in the form of Citizen Smith, an old 1970's comedy series that took the proverbial Michael out of the lefties who stalked our streets in those dark times.

No doubt the new series will be set in Tower Hamlets with the new "Citizen Smith" wearing the obligatory Palestinian scarf shouting Stop the War slogans and ignoring Russian intervention in the Ukraine and Syria or ISIS atrocities in Iraq & Syria blaming the worlds problems on those damned Jews Zionists.

Oh wait that's the real world of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters.

So here's an episode which sees comrade Alfie's election result in Tooting.......

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