Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Stop the War Coalition's mask finally slips.

An article on the Stop the War Coalitions hatesite website makes this statement:

The only intervention likely to work in Syria just now is from Moscow.

This in an article cross-posted from the Guardian, paper of the lefty luvvies. It's written by Simon Jenkins a long time supporter of the supposed "anti-war" coalition.

This is an organisation that condemns every intervention by the West, opposes military intervention to save the Kurds, Yazadi's and other minorities including Muslims, calls for the destruction of Israel...all in the name of peace. Not.

I've often referred to these charlatans as appeasers and now will add to that the charge of "quislings".

All these stop the war types are just a Trojan Horse for Russian imperialism and Islamist expansion.

They are not peace activists in any shape or form.

Remember one of these leading comrades, a certain John Rees sat alongside the CAGE spokesmen as they called the mass murderer Jihadi John" a nice man.

They talk about "bombing being immoral" but oddly have never condemned Assad's air force in Syria or Putin's MIGs in Chechnya. and appear on Press TV, the TV station of the clerical fascist Iranian government.

No longer can they or the articles author be taken seriously when it comes to war.

Stop the War support Russian intervention.

That's it. Games up.

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