Monday, 5 December 2016

A warning from the Workers Revolutionary Party

Workers Revolutionary Party

With all the attention being given to the petty bourgeois revisionists inside Momentum the working class fails to heed the continued warnings of the Workers Revolutionary Party, British Section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

Their paper The News Line warns us that:

THE European Union is like a huge powder magazine that started to smoulder even before the Brexit vote in the UK on June 23rd, and is now about to be blown apart as its inner contradictions become white hot and completely unbearable.

and concludes with gusto that:

British capitalism has no future except to plan to smash the NHS and all workers rights. The UK working class must act accordingly. It must take action to force parliament to withdraw from the EU and to defend the NHS. The way to do this is through the organisation of the British socialist revolution. This will be emulated all over Europe and replace the EU with the Socialist United States of Europe.

Oh dear. Even poor old Gerry Healy must be turning in his grave if he isn't roasting in Hell for his crimes.

Healy of course was expelled by the party he created for sexual abuse of young socialists, though despite this many of their members stuck with him including Vanessa and the late Corin Redgrave. Like all Trotskyist groups they too fell apart and the WRP that exists today is so small it is surprising they manage to keep publishing The News Line daily.

It's membership is unknown and the circulation of it's paper a mystery, but here it is perpetuating the tired old politics of paranoia and imaginary threats, though no longer in receipt of funding from Gaddafi.

However they have no time for the false messiah Jeremy Corbyn and write:

Corbyn has no stomach for any fight against the right-wing or Blair; instead he is content to act as a safety valve for the hatred of workers towards this bankrupt capitalist system. He deliberately ducked out of a fight to break decisively with Blair and the right-wing just as he has ducked out of any real fight over the attacks by the Tories on wages, jobs, the NHS and the smashing up of the welfare state.

What is required today is not a leadership that talks ‘left’ but then runs away from a real fight, but a leadership that will call for and lead a struggle to bring down this Tory government and bring in a workers government and socialism. Only the WRP is building this leadership. Join today!

Perhaps those unhappy with the Tory-lite Jon Lansman should heed their call.

And then the rest of can get on with the task of getting Labour and the trade unions out of the current madness and actually help people.

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