Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Students tear down Lord Carey

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The student desire to remove sight of everything with which they disagree or triggers some kind of emotional breakdown took another bizarre turn as an image of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey was taken down from a wall of fame at Kings College London.

This move was apparently initiated by a small of students who according to The Times (no link£) because his views on gay marriage and homosexuality "did not capture the diversity of the "university community".

Now I happen to disagree with the former Archbishop on not just gay rights but a whole range of other issues, but this does seem to be taking things somewhat too far. More to the point where does this sort of thing stop?

Will the next attack be on the library? Will they demand the removal of books by Karl Marx because he was a wife beater or the burning of Trotsky's works as he was a supporter of blood sports. Then there's the Greek philosophers who were slave owners.


Other students have banned Germaine Greer from speaking because she's no longer feminist or is it non-binary enough. I lose track of all these self-indulgent brats latest navel gazing fads.

Censorship is never right.

I wonder what is on King Colleges Islamic Society's agenda over the academic year?

Just asking...

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