Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Gospel of Gerry Adams

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The depths to which which some people are prepared to sink in their blind hatred of Israel and the Jews never fails to amaze me. On one Sunday morning discussion programme I heard that idiot and so-called poet (I hate poetry at the best of times)  Benjamin Zephaniah claim that "Jesus was a Palestinian". What utter nonsense. But it seems he is not alone.

The Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams has now joined the fray. On his blog he writes:

And Jesus was not blue eyed or blond haired. Jesus is a Palestinian. So, he probably was a little swarthy skinned black haired wee lad......

We need more Joseph’s. And Mary’s. Like many Irish mammies Mary thought her son was God. And maybe she was right. She suffered in his coming and his going. It could not have been easy.

All the talk. The gossip. The rumours. Along with the teething, bedwetting, the tantrums, terrible twos and the other joys of baby rearing. But she survived. Like most women. She reared a good son despite it all. Like many Palestinian mammies....

So pilgrims, especially Christians remember: Jesus is a Palestinian.

I'm not a Christian but have read the stories about Jesus often called "Rabbi" and his followers who practiced Judaism, not Christianity since the new religion was not established until after his death. Jesus was lauded as "King of the Jews" somewhere in the Gospels I believe. Still don't let theology get in the way of Adam's "hate on" for the Jewish heritage in Judea/Israel.

Nor actual history. The Arabs didn't conquer the area until hundreds of years later. At the time of Jesus Israel was actually a province of the Roman Empire.

There is a drive to disconnect the historical links of Jews to the land of Israel. Promoted by the dictatorships of the Arab and Muslim world and supported by the "anti-imperialist" (ie anti-Western regimes) which Adams deludes himself he is part of.

Meanwhile as Adams and Sinn Fein support the attacks on the Jewish state Christians are persecuted and murdered across most of the Muslim world. 

I don't believe Jesus was the "son of God", but then I am an atheist. I do believe that the historical figure Jesus was a Jew. That Gerry Adams, happens to be a fact, not that the truth is something you ever respect.


  1. Who is the poet you refer to in your first paragraph?

    1. Apologies should have added the name to the post, must have been distracted at the time of writing. I'll amend but the poet was Benjamin Zaphaniah

    2. Thanks, I agree that he is an idiot