Sunday, 4 December 2016

Momentum's Divided National Committee

Although Momentum and it's supporters are far from all being traditional "Trotskyists" (there are some like the AWL inside) it seems the old adage that "if you put three Trots in a room you get two parties and a faction" still applies.

Their long awaited and disputed National Committee took place yesterday and what a confusing and disorganised meeting it turned out to be with Matt Wrack the FBU General Secretary querying who actually had voting rig rights since a lot of "poorly" identified people and volunteers packing the room out.

The Clarion reports:

At the start of the meeting there was controversy about the new delegates from the regions and equalities groups, elected by online ballot of members, with uncertainty who had the right to vote. Delegates also questioned the representatives from left groups (CPLD, Compass, LRC, Labour Briefing Coop, Open Labour, Labour Assembly Against Austerity, Labour CND; it’s not clear if anyone was there this time from the blog Left Futures which previously “delegated” Jon Lansman). These organisations have not chosen to affiliate; Open Labour refused to back Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election – so why are they represented on the Momentum NC?!

It turns out that there is a "conservative wing" of momentum:

In summary: the left, more radical, pro-democracy wing of the NC won on some democracy issues including the structure and powers of the upcoming national conference, passing policy for a conference of delegates from local groups that can meaningful decide Momentum’s policy and plans; as well as on some other issues (eg defending freedom of movement and migrants’ rights, and fighting expulsions and suspensions). But the more conservative wing managed, by one vote, to block holding a new election for the Steering Committee, even though it was elected seven months ago, before many events, debates and controversies.
Who knew? 

Momentum Tories. That'll be a new on-line insult for the more deranged wing of the Corbynista movement.....

The comrades apparently held some "key votes":

• That this conference should make policy and establish a constitution.

• We voted down the proposal from the SC majority that we could only discuss three key areas.

• We voted that the conference would be on 18 February, 25 February or 4 March (25 February clashes with Scottish Labour conference).

• We voted for a composite from the Northern, London and Midlands regions advocating motions can be submitted one each from local groups, liberation groups, students and youth, affiliated unions, the NC and regional networks; three weeks before conference; with compositing, an e-forum to discuss motions and an online priorities ballot.

• Two delegates for every 100 members or part thereof (at least gender balanced and groups sending more than four must send at least one young person).

• Those not covered by a group can send at same rate elected by ballot.
• If not covered by a group 30 people can submit a motion.

• Liberation groups and students and youth can send delegates, to be agreed by NC in consultation with these groups subject to verification of structures and elections.

• We elected a Conference Arrangements Committee of seven people: Alec Price, Huda Elmi, Josie Runswick, Delia Mattis, Lotte Boumelha, Jackie Walker, James Elliott.

• We voted against complicated formulas for voting and instead for simple delegate voting at conference.

• We voted that group delegates should be elected at face-to-face local Momentum group meetings.

According to the author of this report he does not trust the Momentum leadership to not "void" these issues, by which he probably means they'll ignore it. After all Momentum remains a private company with Jon Lansman as it's proprietor.

Momentum are and remain a bloody mess. If these people represent the future of Labour the party is truly doomed.

Corbyn the false messiah has not chosen his disciples very well.


  1. I think that's National Committee in the Title?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I obviously hadn't had enough coffee when I posted this morning. Corrected.