Thursday, 15 December 2016

Corbyn: Sinn Fein, Hamas and Hezbollah

Jayne Fisher
"London Based Socialist"

The decision of Jeremy Corbyn to appoint Sinn Fein activist caused great consternation not just amongst Labour MP's but amongst a growing number of party members as the news became public. It's not as if Corbyn's connections with Sinn Fein or his sympathy for the IRA's "armed struggle" or terrorism as the rest of us call it is new but this is more than just the man shooting himself in the foot to use a well known phrase.

Jayne Fisher has deleted thousands of "tweets" from the public domain which is a worrying development. What is she hiding? Would it be her singing republican songs with known terrorists or her Israel bashing.

Sinn Fein is one of those organisations that revels in "anti-imperialism" and supports the Palestinian armed struggle.

Fisher once delivered Adams call for the Israeli ambassador to be expelled from the UK. Yet as part of Corbyn's team she will be engaging in Labour's orientation to "minorities", which supposedly includes a rapprochement with the Jewish community.

What is this woman doing in the Labour Party? She appears to be a member of Sinn Fein. The Labour Party should expel her, not appoint the woman to their leaders office.

Not sure Team Corbyn will get much of a reception with this woman around let alone his other rabid advisors leke Seumas Milne.

This man who would be Prime Minister has such dodgy friends. Gerry Adams, Jayne Fisher and of course those well known mates of his in the terrorist organisations Hamas & Hezbollah. Those groups that seek the destruction of the world's only Jewish state.

Lest anyone forgets, here's old Corby in his own words....

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