Thursday, 1 December 2016

Unite members need to ditch McCluskey

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The fight for the control of the Labour Party took a new twist as The Times (no link£) reported today:

Figures across Unite believe that Len McCluskey, it's general secretary is considering a snap election early next year. A win would keep him in control of Britain's biggest union until 2022.

The reason for this is simply that Unite is central to keeping Corbyn in control of the Labour Party especially with the union having several seats on Labour's NEC. According to The Times:

One Labour Source said the union bosses future was the "absolute central feature of Labour politics for 2017.

McCluskey is of course notorious for suggesting that the secret services had a hand in the rebellion by Labour MP's. Utter bollocks of course but the far-left is paranoid to the extreme. Some have even suggested that the Israeli Embassy had a hand in the attempted coup, certainly a lot of the comrades see the "Zionist Lobby" behind Labour's woes over the exposure of anti-Semitism inside the party.

Meanwhile Unite's  members are put at risk because support for Corbyn is a conflict of interests over the security of their jobs as the Labour leader opposes Trident, Heathrow expansion and the defence sector.

Unite members also may recognise the need for a Labour Party that can actually get elected, if so not only Corbyn has to go but McCluskey too. Unite members in the threatened sectors are already waking up to this fact.

The far-left has to be beaten, but the fight cannot take place just inside the Labour Party. It also has to be taken up inside the trade unions.

Our futures cannot be left in the hands of deluded Corbynistas who prefer their ideological purity to actually achieving real, if limited gains that a modern, democratic and broad based Labour Party could bring.

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