Sunday, 11 December 2016

Attempted stitch-up in Unite?

Unite the union's General Secretary election took a new twist today as The Sunday Times (no link£) reported that "dirty tricks" were at play as Gerard Coyne prepares to launch his campaign to replace McCluskey:

Earlier this year Coyne, Unite's regional secretary in the West Midlands was threatened with dismissal for addressing a meeting with Labour MPs according to insiders.

He received a written final warning for speaking at the event , which was deemed to be against the aims and objectives of Unite, union sources said. The disciplinary procedures however were an attempt by McCluskey to get rid of a potential rival, allies have suggested.

Such a move can only mean McCluskey has been planning a long term strategy to hang on on to power in Unite which goes against his previously stated position.

Ian Allison, a member of Unite's National Executive writes on his blog

Once again Len McCluskey has decided to force a snap General Secretary election, in which he intends to stand for re-election. The announcement is here and the official Unite information is here.

Calling the election now, a year early, with nominations 16 January - 17 February 2017, is clearly intended to slant the election even further in favour of the incumbent.

Many will remember that when Len re-stood early last time, he said he wouldn't standing again. Last time there was much criticism of the cost of the unnecessary election. This time the cost is being used to justify bringing the election forward to coincide with the Executive Council elections.

The decision of his fixer aide Andrew Murray to defect from the Communist Party to Labour is obviously no coincidence. McCluskey is intent on keeping power in Unite a-la-Scargill and will use his position to keep the far-left in control of the direction of Labour under Corbyn or his possible successor in 12 months John McDonnell.

The idea that a Unite official can be disciplined for speaking to a group of Labour MPs to which the Unite union is affiliated goes beyond belief, Further supporting Corbyn hardly furthers the "aims & interests" of Unite's members many of whom would have their jobs put at risk through Corbyn's desire to scrap Trident and run down the defence industry.

The forthcoming contest will be central to the future of Labour. Getting rid of the Marxist McCluskey would be a major step forward to reclaiming the Party from the far-left.

This blog will be supporting Gerard Coyne's campaign. watch this space.

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