Wednesday, 7 December 2016

World of the Weird on a Wednesday

After a week of uncertainty in the politics I thought it was time to once more delve into the "world of the weird" once more after watching a couple of quite laughable videos on You Tube tonight.

The first from our friends at UFOmania tells us that at bottom of a Lake Vostok in Antarctica which has been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years has a "large swastika" on its floor. Yeah right.

No evidence and just throwing in the theories of Nazi redoubts in Antarctica and the wacky observations of Admiral Byrd (who claims he saw "mammoth type creatures" in Antarctica) doesn't exactly impress.

Why do I watch this stuff? I'm fascinated by the bizarre theories that some people either believe or in this just make up. UFOmania is frankly the latter. They did a feature on anti-aircraft missiles being fired at a UFO over London. Living in a tower block I'm sure I'd have noticed...... mind you I'm told I can sleep through anything!

Then there's Tyler at Secureteam. He actually believes the stuff he puts out and the "Towers of Mars" sounds like something that could be found in John Carter stories. Sorry to hear about his cat though.

One of Tylers other videos features a chap who claims that US & Russian militaries have been at war with aliens since 1979. You know I'm sure we'd have noticed somehow or is ISIS just a cover? The jihadists are not human that's for sure, but aliens....

Still as the conspiracists would say: "that's what they want you to think".

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