Saturday, 10 December 2016

Communist veteran joins Labour

Andrew Murray, life-long member of the Communist of Britain and aide to Len McCluskey in Unite has finally taken the plunge and joined the Labour Party. This surprising decision was reported in the Guardian today:

Andrew Murray, who last year said communism represented “a society worth working towards”, joined Labour’s ranks recently, a Unite spokesman said.

But as the paper notes, his conversion to "democratic socialism" seems a little suspect:

Murray, a former Morning Star journalist and longtime chair of Stop the War, said in a Guardian interview last year that his adherence to communism prevented him from joining Labour.

“All my children are in the Labour party,” he said. “One has been in the Labour party a long time; the other three are all there as a result of Jeremy’s surge. But no, I’m a member of the Communist party. That’s where I am. Communism still represents, in my view, a society worth working towards – albeit not by the methods of the 20th century, which failed.”

Murray is also currently Chair of the pro-Putin/Assad Stop the War Coalition so will have similar views of international politics to Labour's "Dear leader" Jeremy Corbyn.

The entry of a staunch Stalinist into Labour will simply add to the "potpourri" of extreme left activists that have come to dominate the Party. He will find an ally in Shameless Milne but will find himself at loggerheads with the Trots in Momentum as there is no love lost between him and the AWL, though his daughter is currently engaged in a fight with those dastardly followers of Leon Trotsky.

Another follower of lost causes joining the throng. Is faction fighting inside Momentum is about to become a family affair?

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