Monday, 30 January 2017

BMA Bans "Expectant Mothers"


There are times when all this political correctness nonsense drives not only me, but a hell of a lot of people mad. The latest atrocity comes from the British medical Association who (wait for it) have told their staff not to use the term "expectant mothers" in case it upsets "intersex or trans people".  Instead they advise the use of "pregnant people".

I mean WTF?

Look I hate to point out to the BMA since they're the doctors, only women can get pregnant and we call them mothers.  Period.

That doesn't in any way shape or form discriminate against those that choose to alter their physical sexuality that's their choice. But all this pandering to this tiny minority of people is getting rather ridiculous. It wasn't so long ago some idiot university was suggesting He & She should be replaced by "Zee".

Oh please do stop this nonsense.

What worries me is that one of these days there's going to be a backlash against this utter bollocks and the situation that this minority says it's in will get worse.

Enough snowflakery.

Oh and as a footnote the BMA also says the "elderly" should be known as "older people". Bah humbug. I'm sixty later this year. "Old git" would be fine by me.

What would Victor Meldrew Say?

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