Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Corbyn's relaunch fails already


This week was supposed to see the relaunch of Jeremy Corbyn with bold new ideas and a coherent direction. Instead within a few hours the whole event had turned into a debacle as Corbyn announced live on television that he was introducing a "maximum wage policy", something the whole country was waiting to hear. Not.

Corbyn latched on the widespread discontent about the overpaid executives and added footballers to his list of targets. This appears to be something Corbyn thought up himself and it showed since he's not exactly renowned as an original thinker. Far from it.

Corbyn is just a seasoned protester who picks up on the latest fad and wades in with barely a thought waffling  through a list of basic platitudes about "socialism" (whatever that is supposed to be these days), American and British imperialism and how important it is to support the oppressed governments of Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, not forgetting to add the obligatory bash of Israel for his mates in Hamas.

But I digress (purposely it has to be said) as we turn back to today's events with Jeremy Hunt facing a grilling from and running away to a car from a diligent Sky News reporter. She put more pressure on Hunt than old Corbo. Even the rabidly pro-Tory Daily Mail was bashing the government over the NHS. An open goal that Corbyn should have seen and concentrated on, but no he just had to talk complete bollocks instead.

Then there's Brexit. The Government are in trouble over that as well. Corbyn did the standard and honorable political stance and avoided answering the question of Sky this morning.

Still he's had all day to think and now says that he "might" only "consider the Maximum wage after his former Bank of England advisor told him that the policy was unworkable. To be fair so did every other proper economist. I don't count the Marxist commentators. These people would have us within a "Soviet" style downturn if they ever got into power.

Whist Corbyn's supporters may have been monetarily buoyed even they must see he is a complete no-hoper. The time will inevitably come as even Commissar McCluskey has warned when Corbyn must go. Len's now worried about his own position you see, He bragged about support from the "Unite Now" grouping within his union but they have declined to support him. Or any other candidate to be fair.

Still like the Titanic, there is another ship in waiting to sink the Labour Party. A certain John McDonnell.

One thing is for certain, under these rag & bone politicians Labour will never achieve power

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