Tuesday, 3 January 2017

McCluskey's Follies

The press and social media have been full of reports about Len McCluskey's supposed decision to tell Jeremy Corbyn that if Labour's fortunes do not improve then he should stand down. Some have taken this to mean McCluskey is on the brink of breaking with Corbyn, though that in itself would not be to betterment of the Labour Party as he is more than likely to back the equally awful John McDonnell who has the same politics as Steptoe.

However this may just be an electoral tactic as a Yougov poll shows that Corbyn is seen by two thirds of Unites members as doing a bad job. Similar findings have been found in most major unions. McCluskey is facing a challenge from the moderate candidate Gerard Coyne and although noten referred to in the media another candidate standing to the left of him, former member of the Socialist Workers Party Ian Allinson.

There is however a corollary to McCluskey's statement that has been widely overlooked, that is the situation in the year before the general election, some two years hence. Frankly the Labour Party could be at rock bottom by then. The latest polls show the Party at just 24%, nowhere near the level of support needed to form the next government. Other reports suggest Labour or to be more precise, Corbyn has lost some four million voters since he took over.

If so few trade union members appear to favour Corbyn, how on earth does anyone including McCluskey expect those who do not normally vote Labour to be won over to a party leaning so far to the left riddled with rampant misogyny and anti-Semitism and not a clue about peoples worries over Brexit, the economy and lets be frank immigration.

Not much chance. The left have had their opportunity to "capture" the Labour Party although the moderates remain in control of much of the apparatus and constituency network but have been found wanting. It's easy to sit at home vote in a ballot for a mere three quid or be bamboozled by union leaders into casting a vote for the useless Corbyn. it is another matter to actually win power and achieve at least something for ordinary peoples benefit.

Trade union members are not the left wing militants that so many trade union leaders like McCluskey or Serwotka like to portray Things are difficult at the "coalface" so to speak and Corbyn is seen as a no hoper by probably the majority of those who vote Labour. The left may have more or less coalesced into one but they remain a disorganised faction ridden rabble who have already started fighting amongst themselves with no idea about the practical world of political life.

Ideals do not buy bread, pay the rent or improve working conditions. Only a party serious about taking actual political power is capable of even beginning the process. Corbyn's politics is the socialism of fools. McCluskey must change tack for the benefit of the members or preferably be kicked out and replaced by someone who will put members interest before banal ideological concerns. 

Vote Gerard Coyne for Unite General Secretary. X

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