Sunday, 15 January 2017

The new racists

One of the more shocking elements found amongst a large section of the modern "left" is an antipathy towards anything Jewish. These "anti-imperialists" claim that they are "simply" oppose "Zionism" because it seeks to establish and maintain a Jewish state in the historical land of the Jews, Israel. This they say is at the expense of the "Palestinians", a modern name for the Arabs who came to this part of the Middle East as a result of conquest after the rise of Islam.

The problem is that these "anti-Zionists" are very much prone to adopting far-right conspiracy theories and "memes" depicting the banking industry or media dominated by the Rothchilds and other Jews are fairly common in leftist circles. Much of this new prejudice comes from adopting an "Islam(ist)" dominated agenda as the Muslim world is (wrongly) seen as being part of an "anti-imperialist" movement, ignoring many unsavoury elements including Islamic supremacism and racism inherent in the Arab world in particular.

The world saw such expressions of Arab racism during the Darfur crisis, one which the left generally ignored and always blamed "imperialism" of the West rather than the imperialism of pan-Arabism mixed with a Jihadist orientated regime operating out of Khartoum. The victims of persecution here were black.

Anti-black racism is prevalent in a number of countries across the Arab world. from Algeria to the Lebanon, but remains little discussed amongst the British "left" and "anti-racist" movements. This despite evidence that slavery exists on a large scale in some saharan countries such as Mauritania where the slaves are likely to be darker skinned than their owners.

Whilst gender apartheid is well documented for countries like Saudi Arabia and the position of women in general being very much second class across the Arab/Muslim world, the discrimination against blacks, let alone other minorities remains very much ignored by the politically correct so-called left.

Their focus is entirely on destroying the worlds only Jewish" state, because such a notion is "racist" apparently whilst not for one moment considering the existence of nationalistic Islamic states at all a problem despite the well documented examples of persecution of minorities which existed long before the evil ISIS Caliphate sprang into existence. It's racism, intolerance and genocidal ideology did not simply come out of a vacuum, ISIS simply built on and created a whole movement based on the worst aspects of the world in which they originated.

The most obvious examples of the regions genocidal tendencies where seen in the early twentieth century during the mass extermination of Armenians and Greeks under the Ottoman empire. In modern times the Kurds, Nubians, Tuaregs and Yazidis amongst others have fallen foul of Arab nationalism.

But the Western radicals have now gone further than just ignoring Arab racism or ant-Semitism within their own ranks. Inside the universities in both America and the UK another racism has come to the fore. Anti-white racism.

At SOAS student radicals with little to no knowledge of the world around them, have already attempted to ban "white" philosphers from their coursework. Now they seek to ban white professors from lecturing BME (black & ethnic minority) students claiming that these individuals are "capable of racism". The irony that these students themselves have become racist in their outlook and practice is lost on them.

The left complain about being compared to blackshirts and being defined as no better than fascists but by their actions ye shall know them.

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